Monday, 19 May 2014

Keep Dreaming

I wrote this so many years ago now.  My lavender plugs grew, were blissful but now are getting straggly and need replaced... And finally the dream
I planted that day is close to completion with the little blue shed going up this weekend.  Small steps, inching forward.  If you keep dreaming who knows what possibilities will blossom into reality? 

Old post.

I wander round and round, a garden full of bee song and lavender scents.  
There are herbs, edible flowers and the possibility of beehives.
I dream of a few pots of honey, of lavender soap and rosemary cake, of thyme syrup to ease a sore throat... A rain washed, blue shed.  An imagined double camping stove, with a singing blue enamel kettle.  

Friends know the tin the cake is in.
I am taking the first steps to this dream today, planting the seed... growing, nuturing the possibility of a dream life.
What are you dreaming of?
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