Monday, 30 September 2013

There is Broth on the Stove x

chicken soup for the chicken pox

In times of sorrow, when in need of comfort and familiarity, this is what we do.


In our case it is broth, full of carrots and turnip, fat homey pearl barley and plenty of chicken-y broth to warm your tummy, who will remind your heart that is going to be ok.

My Pop has died and all our hearts are not so sure, but chopping keeps hands working and the familiarity of a family recipe keeps a head from the shards of a sore heart.

And when they come - carrying away their warm bowls and soft bread - I know, that pushing a spoon down, allowing only the mellow goldeness of fragrant, bright chicken broth to fill it while leaving the pile of plump grains and hunks of soup-softened veggies to savour last, it will for a short while remind us all that love lives on.

Memories like the very best flavours are something to enjoy, to keep stashed away, to savour...

Wool caps and tobacco tins, travel sweets and shepherds crooks, boats and tractors, sheep dogs and twenty pound notes, Wethers Originals and checked shirts, wendy houses and my first bike - a Raleigh BlueBird, stick men and funny cats, prickly kisses, agools and God Blesses...

I wish, with total selfishness that we could all go on forever.  But of course we cannot.  Its tough to be one of the last to leave - its tiring.  In the quieter times, I think perhaps its not impossible that we live on.  Like a whisper of sea mist, or leaves caught in an eddy of wind, or perhaps in those fierce moments when memory trips us up and we suddenly remember, washed away by the strength of emotion, maybe it is then that they are there with us - popping in to check up, to see how we are and stay a while?  

So when it does, sit down with a cuppa and lets talk.  Lets talk as I wish we could have done more.  We fool ourselves that there is no time.  But time is an illusion we tie ourselves up in, wrap around us to excuse us, blanket ourselves under to keep from vulnerability.  There is always time.

Keep those you love close.  Trust with all your heart.  Speak with all your truth.

Love is what lets us all live on.



Angel Jem said...

Bless you all. Thinking of you x

Lisa said...

I am very sorry.
It's heartbreaking beyond belief when you lose someone so dear.
Take care
Lisa x

Toffeeapple said...

I am so very sad for you. I know how it feels. xx

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. I went through the same thing a couple of years ago.
Sending a virtual hug. (and pouring you a nice cup of tea!) x

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