Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Nutella is a must.
Sunshine is frequently a given.  Something to with hurricane cycles?

Much loved, happy souls about to share a morning cappu is a happy wish.
Time with this wonderful specimen of HusMan is the very best gift.
And these + balloons are the icing on my birthday cake!
For I'm going to be 35 on Tuesday...
Lovely stuff!

As Master B rather joyously, with a touch of mathematical smug pointed out...

"We can round you up to 40."
Un-Birthday Cupcake
True Fact!

I love birthdays! 
I'm looking forward to a thoroughly ponderous day - being grateful at where I am, giving a nod to where I have been and looking ahead to where I want to go - so, so long as The B's don't round up my candles too, I look forward to a sweet 35th birthday!
Happy Birthday, MrsB
Here's to another year lived, and with all things crossed another to come.  

It's nice x


Angel Jem said...

Happy Birthday! As a blogger with 10 years on you, I can state categorically that rounding up to 40 was not that bad, rounding down to it was OK, but rounding up to 50 like I do now (and thanks for pointing that out to me!) is.....

Well. Never mind. Enjoy a very happy Birthday, go eat some cake and I love the look of it. Go!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day..... x I hope there will be jelly & ice cream with that cake!

menopausalmusing said...


Happy Homebird said...

Happy Birthday, the cake looks yummy! x

Lisa said...

Hope you had a very happy birthday.
Lisa x

Mrs B said...

ahhhh thankyou lovely laydees!! Bring on a new year!xxx

Toffeeapple said...

I was away so I missed it! It seems that you had a wonderful day. Many Happy Returns to you.

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