Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Organised...? Moi?

I have a confession...

My name is Mrs B and I am a Divider Unbeliever! An Organisational Pagan! A self proclaimed Alphabetising Infidel!

I must fess up to quietly and not so inconspicuously chortling at folk with neat Tupperware.

Conversely I have always been utterly admiring, awe struck and yes, envious of this ordered life of startling clarity.

A place for everything. Everything in its place.

And so it was indeed an epiphany bordering on the epic when I realised with a lightening jolt of obviousness that most things in my life; home, school run...where ARE the house keys, dreams, Pinterest account would be more productive, more attainable and less exhausting if I embraced the concept of An Organised Life.

Land of the Obsessional, Home to the Rigid or Freeeeeeeedom?

If your hall isn't clogged with shoes for all seasons, if the bikes, coats, bags and locks are back in their place then the front door is open (and reachable) to adventure first thing in the morning. Not after a groundhog hour of tidying up STUFF beforehand!

So, tentatively I am dipping my toe into this strange and seemingly threatening land. I am shelving my spontaneous- fly by the seat of my pants- life's too short to compartmentalise the junk drawer concept of me (neatly under G for Growth) and going to look, just look mind, at drawer dividers!

Mr B and I have created a shared calendar and I have a Months/Week/ Day To Do List, cascading hierarchically with stars for priorities...

*chuckles at ones new lingo*

Is this the start of a whole new experience? Or merely the influence of of Mercury in Retrograde!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm on my way.... I NEED TO ORGANISE AND CLEAN. My nesting has gone into overdrive (and it might help bring on labour!). My husband thinks I have OCD at the best of times but pregnancy takes this to another level.

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