Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Jelly Cubes or The Power of Yes

When I was little spying a packet of jelly in the cupboard made my wee heart skip. It set off a yearning wish to have just one perfect jewelly cube to nibble on. If only I could work out how to cajole and convince the grown up, whose lofty domain the cupboard was to relent and grant my desperate, fervent wish. For, oh! I wanted it so badly.

How often were you denied? As the chief, the mummy, the daddy or the Grannie now, how often do we say no and sweep off unaware of the little passionate heart left harbouring it's disappointment. Or vengeful fury! We are not making jelly now, we are leaving the house now, we have to shop, Hoover, finally sit down now...

It is a lasting memory, that my Nana always let us have a cube of jelly! She was a yes sayer.

'It's good for your nails!'

The elation, the quickly skipping happy heart, the smiles at a wish granted. They were disproportionate to this seemingly insignificant, irrational wish to eat 'raw' jelly! To us it was a pleasure only to be found in dreams coming true.

Children's dreams are such a foreign land once we've left. What a shame we can no longer hold dear the tiny, the seemingly ordinary and see its magic with the same startling clarity and colour.

So even now, each time, I nibble a cube of jelly and remember this. Each time I vow to say yes more than I say no.


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I always preferred it made up but Hubby devoured it piece by piece as a boy. We have ice cream and jelly sometimes for pud after Sunday dinner. It's soooo good, makes you feel like a child at a party!
Sometimes when my boys ask for a treat I give them it simply because I remember what it's like to have to have permission for everything.
Hope Miss B had a lovely birthday! X

Mrs B said...

Ex-unc-ly Ali!! 'permission for a treat' *sigh* perfectly put!!

Peonies and Pennies said...

Oh always had to have a bit. Sometimes we even got a jelly with our pocket money.

Jelly for tea I think.

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