Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Scotch Pancakes - Quickly x

Happy Fat Tuesday ;-)
Take a tea cup....pretty and vintage works best here. 

*you know I'm teasing, right?*

Fill to the brim with self raising flour (either whole meal or white, whatever takes your fancy, dear friend)

Dump in a bowl or one of those fabby batter jugs...

*drifts off, dream shopping*

Plop in an egg and a teaspoon of baking powder.  Begin to combine.

Now take that self same sweet, little teacup and fill to the brim with milk.  Add gradually till everything is nice, gloopy and as lump free as you can bear...or as long as it takes for first hungry mouth to say:

"Are the pancakes ready, nooooooooow?"

Get a non stick frying pan hot, hot, hot (or a skillet or an Aga or something equally romantic and thrilling...)

*drifts off to look at Pinterest again*

Then I turn down to a mid heat.

Spoon fat dollops of batter in to the frying pan.  Big ones, small ones, fairy sized ones, Daddy sized ones, Scottie shaped ones!

When you see bubbles forming in the top, flip over.  Watch and sigh contentedly when you see them puff up!  It never gets old.  That little rise.  So cheery!
Spelt Pancakes
Enjoy with as many toppings as one sees fit.  Or will fit in one.  Frozen berries and honey (like small girl did), Nutella and bananas (my small man's fav), butter and jam (as the Skye folk do) or just dunked in the remaining raspberry juice and washed down with a slug of coffee (as Mrs B did/doos/done-ded)

Happy Fat Tuesday!  

*Every Tuesday breakfast should be a "fat" one!*


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