Monday, 20 February 2012

House Bare...?

A recipe you can make with your eyes closed. A recipe that is so part of your persona that you are whipping around doing and thinking on a another plane, while making them. A recipe so fast it can be squeezed in between slugging coffee and dressing small folk!

It makes me feel a little support, certainty! In the face of my utter domestic uselessness and disorganisation the lunch boxes will still have a wee treat!

8oz self raising flour
A big handful of caster sugar
120ml of milk
1.5oz butter

Rub butter into flour and sugar mix, with your finger tips till you have crumbs. Add milk, mix with palette knife. Whack on counter top with light dusting of flour, cut out in heart shapes...of course!


Ps my home ec teacher, dispairing with me one morning, declared I would never get married if I couldn't cook scones!

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