Thursday, 12 January 2012

Seville Orange Season

So I have bagged my Sevilles...
No wonder they have long been highly prized.  They are a treasure.  Little ball of brightness in the dark of bleak midwinter!
As things are a little strapped, I decided not to buy 2kg of preserving sugar.  Surprisingly dear, it would seem.  Instead of which, I am going to make half a kilos worth of marmalade and half a kilo of Zesty Seville Orange Curd!
So while my pips and pulp are doing their pectin-y thing overnight, I will share with you the joy of home made Orange Curd!

450g of caster sugar
125g of unsalted butter
200ml of Seville Orange Juice
zest of three oranges
4 eggs (to make up 200ml of egg)
Using a bowl over a pan of simmering water, melt the butter into the juice, zest and sugar.  When this has done its thing and the sugar is dissolved, then seive the eggs in, stirring occassionally.  The curd will begin to thicken.  Fill sterilised jars!
Zesty Seville Orange Curd
Just imagine, savour if you will, the idea of a swirl of this in thick Greek Yoghurt.  Heaven!  That is quite simply the Med in dessert form!


So if you don't like Marmalade (as many do not) please have a go at this!  Delicious, sweet and can be used in yoghurt, ice cream....on top of cheese cake...on a croissant....straight out the jar?!



I also thick cut some peel to make into candied peel....which will no doubt end up covered in the darkest of dark chocolate too!
Thick Cut

PPS....check out this utterly delish recipe too....chocolate viennese fingers dipped in aforementioned curd!


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Right okay, you're married, I'm married but hang them.
Marry me you curd making Goddess!!

Mrs B said...


shucks, gee, what the heck...goan then!


ps hooooooooooow good??!!! Cant wait to devour the whole jar!

Saphy said...

yum, yum, yum. My mum used to make home made curd. love it.

Victoria said...

Never mind the orange curd, I've been known to eat marmalade straight out of the jar! Love the stuff. Am thinking orange and clementine this year for a change?

As an aside, my aunt always uses ordinary granulated sugar for her marmalade and it works fine.

Mrs B said...

I think you are right, Victoria! I will do that next time too!

May see if I can get another batch done! This lot went well, but the set is a bit 'wobbly'.....yummy!


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