Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Perfect Gift

the perfect gift
Its an easy thing to lose sight of in times when we can access anything, purchase anything (not even necessarily within the realistic boundaries of our wallet) and can peruse the possibilities all day long (even if we are supposedly working?!) So a gift to someone, that we have thought of, found and eventually bought, can take on a life force of its own, somewhat.

Take a minute and think of a gift that brought you oodles of pleasure.

I am willing to bet my last rolo on the fact, that it was...

 simple, relatively inexpensive, perfect

Such a gift came my way.  Simply, perfectly, inexpensively joyous.  It brightened my day and what more can we ask for than that!
fabulous eggs
A thought of me, for me, in the form of a gift.


LPFish said...

do we guess what it was....?

Mrs B said...

twas my Burford loverly neighbour bought them in Waitrose (remembering my egg consumption of late?!!) and knew these to be deeeeelicious!!


LPFish said...

i thought twas neighbour with eggs. I just wanted assurance. Agree.

Toffeeapple said...

What a thoughtful neighbour. I used to buy those eggs too, until I discovered a local company called Rent-a-Hen. You pay up front, choose what size you want and the frequency of delivery and they arrive the day after they were laid, guaranteed freshness and they taste divine.

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