Friday, 6 January 2012

12th Night

I am up to my elbows in housework.  Urgh!
Now as you may have heard me say, if one is in the mood, the zone, then hurrah for housework!  

However if you are not and simply have to do it because your floor resembles that of a barn, your clothes have all but vanished to the great washing pile and, in my case, it is 12th night and you have to get those decs down sharpish, then it is....pure, tedious, murderous hell!

So I am putting on Adele (though perhaps Mozart's Requiem reflects my current black looks better?!) and marching through it! 

"Right its you v me, Christmas Tree!"



Anonymous said...

Good luck,don't envy you at all. I took my tree down new years day - hasn't been easy this year with a toddler who wants to be the fairy on top of the tree!! Still hovering up pine needles!!

Lisa said...

I think ours are going to have to wait until the weekend. I hurt my back big time whilst hoovering on New Years day and barely a thing has been done since. Do you like your Henry? We had one a while back but it blew up, I was auite relieved as I never really got on with it.
Hope the housework is done in super quick time and you can do something far more interesting.
Happy new year.
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Sometimes it is the most fantastic, therapeutic, smug pride inducing thing when you indulge & become a housework maniac, then there are the other times . . . the have to times, but loathing filled times. Eurgh - that would also be me today; good luck & let us battle onwards & upwards to cleanliness! x

LissyLou said...

I hated taking my decs down - it took forever!! keep going Mrs B - you'll be happy you did after when you have a clean tidy houde xx

LPFish said...

erm, i got the child to do it! here's the box Go Crazy!

Menopausalmusing said...

I have gone from house to house cleaning up after Christmas trees this week - pah!

However, it's not all gloom as there is now a pink version of the Henry hoover (I know this, because one lovely office bought one for me to sashay round using).

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