Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Home for "The Holidays"

I like this title...."The Holidays"!  
Am I right in thinking this is a bit 'our friends' over the pond?  An Americanism?
I don't remember it being titled as such when I was growing up.  But along with "Trick or Treating" and peanut butter, it seems to have seeped into our day-to-day lives

*(though to be fair I know a fair few folk who still view peanut butter with a suspicious, sideways glance)*
So "The Holidays" are nearly upon us.  Mr B is performing Herculean efforts at work to try and bring the To Do List to a manageable (survivable) temporary end...more a pause, really.  
I am running down and through and sometimes plain past the never ending bakes, costumes, trips, class parties, non uniforms, celebratory dinners, assemblies and over for teas, having for teas, mulled wines and mince pie-ings, pantos and bring and buys, craft fairs and....
But, I say with hopeful exhaustion, the end is nigh.
We will push open the door, for that final time and stand for a blissful moment in our hall.  We will shed our hats, gloves, boots, coats, duties, stresses and 'Lists'.  We will breath in, breath out and sigh.  We will close that door and hear the wreath thud gently.  We will call out "I'm home".
Home for "The Holidays".  
Home with the folk we love the most.  Home with ourselves, as ourselves.
My sofa will be my lounger, my bath the pool and the tin of Quality Street my exotic food!  

We are planning to have a Holiday, this "Holidays".  We will read, build Lego, spend evenings with lovely folk, with a glass of cheer, we will sleep a little later, move a little slower.  For there is time.  


Toffeeapple said...

Lovely images. It is an Americanism, it's the only thing that they call the Holidays, everything else being a vacation. I think it rather sweet, myself.

I hope you find your peace soon.

Homebird said...

I totally love this post and feel the Christmassy fuzz now!

Love the Christmas houses, the bakes and that gorgeous retro teapot!

Beautiful words too, I like the thud of the wreath on the door.

Enjoy yourself.
Sam x

Julie Wagner said...

I must admit, that I don't share your love of "the holidays". It certainly is an Americanism and it also includes their celebration of Thanksgiving which is at the end of November, and for Americans, is when the holiday season kicks into full gear. Living in Canada where we are so politically correct, I guess it bothers me when in some stores, staff are told not to wish people "Merry Christmas" as it can offend, but instead to say "Happy holidays". It's a sad commentary if we can no longer say "Merry Christmas"! Christmas is a special time and whether you are Christian or not, it is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus. So I have no problem saying Merry Christmas. Have a lovely time relaxing with your family!

LPFish said...

Happy Merriments! xxx is that big cupboard not the best thing you ever thrifted??

LPFish said...

Did you watch "Victorian Christmas" soooo cool. My nanna used to moan about the term "Xmas" Chavvy and Modern apparantly. And then i saw it written "Xmas" on a Victorian Christmas card. And also the 2 main principles of the Victorian Christmas were actually "to feast" in Midwinter and stave of hunger and depression and also "Charity" to share what you have....

ms.composure said...

LOVING the images of your decorations!! and that cake def looks yummy

Vixbil said...

Planning on the same!! And yes it is an Americanism but a great one xx

LissyLou said...

This is a blissful post xx

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