Thursday, 24 November 2011

Look Away Now...

All those who don't want Christmas till December!
This house should come with a government health warning, due to dangerously high levels of 'Christmas Cheer'....Cheer-itis if you will!
We have written our Christmas Wish Lists!  Covered them in gluey glitter and new, new handwriting, new shapes and careful drawings!

Then Daddy (as is the tradition) has sent them up the chimney...he does love a bit of drama! Up they go, vanishing!

Oh the magic of that moment!  The occassional mini avalanche of soot!  The incredulous little faces!
"Where have they gone?  Can we look at the chimney outside?"
Its Stir Up Sunday this weekend.  I am looking forward to pudding stirring, wishing and the knowing that December and Advent has begun!
Coffee Break....x
....too cheery?! Quick hand me my Tax Assessment!


Toffeeapple said...

You took me right back to my childhood with that post. My Dad used to do the same thing for me, I totally believed that the letter would go straight to Santa.

Your fireplace looks wonderful, I have mantel-piece envy.

Have fun with your stirring.

Mrs B said...

...I am sooooo often struck down with Mantle Piece Envy (M.P.E) too!!! Are we odd??! x

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Christmas in December?!?!?!
Surely any sane, organised, (DNA shaped like candy canes like me) person has to think of it before then?
Missing out otherwise, I say.
My boys are asking every day now how long it is to Christmas, when the schools finish, the 'eve, the first of December etc. They know the answers.

Ho ho ho!

Mrs B said...



Mummy Boo Bear said...

Bring on the christmas cheer Mrs B!

Love your mantle and oh that mug too cute!


Mrs B said...

....john lewis *wink wink*

Saphy said...

love Christmas.x

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