Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Wishes

Hello Dear Friend,

Oh My, it is here!  How is it that the moment has arrived?
I could say:

"How is it here again?"

"It is so much faster this year? "

"Am I getting old...I must be?  What a cliche?!"

But that would be to utterly miss the point.  We are all a year wiser, a year more lived, a year more experienced, a year...just "more".  

Congratulate yourself.  A little hug would not go a miss.

Christmas brings everyone its own tidings and sometimes they are sad ones, sometimes they are tough ones, sometimes they are just plain exhausted ones.  But perhaps this is the way.  Life is full of peaks and troughs, ins and outs, ups and downs...tangles.  We measure out our lives, and indeed those of the folk we hold dear, in Christmas'.  It is to be relied on that next Christmas will, predictably with a secure unswerving swiftness, arrive once more.  Year upon year we cannot divine who we will meet in the mirror come Christmas morning but there you are all the same.

Congratulate yourself.  Treat yourself to a little break, mental, emotional, physical.  You deserve  gentleness.

Let Christmas be what is must be for you.  In all its forms.  Whole Day PJ Christmas, Telly and Quality Street Christmas,  Christmas as "Us", Christmas as "Me", Christmas as a "Party-Full" ones, remembered ones, recuperating ones, uplifting ones.

Find the folk you love and draw them near.  It is a time to remind us how family, friends and all who hold our hearts dear, make us who we are.


And So....

*hum Christmas Carols while you shop!
*try to do it online....shops are so insidious!
*handmade, second hand, vintage, gift of time, gift of a skill are all the most joyous.
*what do you remember from last year....for that's what mattered!


1 comment:

Lisa said...

What a wonderful post. Lots to think about and so much truth in it.
Lisa x

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