Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Squashy Love...

...the best kind surely?  In all ways!  

We went "punkin" pickin'!  Which is well 'ard and totally rockin'.....urrrrr....man!  
My creation
Forgive me.  

(*too much coffee*) 

The littlest B says "punkin" instead of pumpkin and which instantly conjures up rockers and neon flashed mohicans in my imaginings!  Rebellious veg!  Raaaaaaarrrrrrrr!

Oh doesn't it make you a little sad when your tinys stop using their fantastical, jumbly, heard and played with, totally unique vocabulary?  It seems to happen with a bewildering abruptness.  It broke my heart the day that 'Gongus' ceased to be my little man's word for Thomas. 

Note to self - I MUST write them down somewhere, before time erodes all memory of them and they will be lost to the dusty past.  Sigh.

Anyway, crikey, enough!  So Punkins!
Aren't they a joy!?  So round and comical!  

Even if I had no idea what Halloween was I know I would be compelled to make something out of one of these!  They cry out to be decorated and to decorate!  

And of course, comfort eating heaven x  I bought two Gem Squashes.  Sometimes known as cannon balls!  Ha!  You would know you'd been hit if someone lobbed one of these at you!  I cut them and a butternut squash (that I seem to have had living in my veg cupboard for approximately ten and half years) in half.   
Roast Squash
Roasted in the oven with a "nut of butter" (what a perfectly lovely description from Mr Hugh F.W.) and a scattering of chopped garlic.  Once soft, scooped out the flesh and mixed it with chopped walnuts and goats cheese...(this week's Aldi "oooooh moment" L.O.V.E. Aldi!)
Goats Cheese and Walnuts...from Aldi!
before spooning it back in to the skins, finishing with the "merest drizzle of honey".  
"The merest drizzle of honey"...
Bliss.  The words, the recipe.  The food.
Ready for Dinner
This was a dinner to be savoured, wrapped up in the candle lit gloaming.  
Candle Light
Autumnal Comforts.  Squashy Love.
Supper on the Couch


Homebird said...

Cosy, cosy, cosy. Your fireplace looks a great place to be. Pumpkins and squashes are great - I love the many varieties. Next year I'm going to grow one called Turks Turban as they are so beautiful.

Butternut squash for lunch now :)

peas and carrots said...

Sounds delicious. Perfect food for these chilly evenings.

LPFish said...

u are so right! Butternut suash has an 18 month shelf life....

Rose&Bird said...

The recipe sounds great. Squashes and Hugh F-W, perfect! Did you know he's starting a new River Cottage series on Sunday?

Totally agree about cute words/sounds from little ones - my little man is nearly 16 months and only just starting to make words, but it's so obvious what he wants to say.

I'm now following you as well.


Mrs B said...

Lovely to see you here Rose! I have had a wee peep at your beautiful blog! x

Emma said...

Oh wow, I love these images! I love butternut squash, the only thing that puts me off cooking it more often is how tough it is to cut.

Emma - Good Parent Guide said...

Thank you I enjoyed reading your post although it has made me feel hungry looking at the roasted veg and I am about to go to bed! I popped over to your blog from tots100 and I am a new follower :)

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