Friday, 9 September 2011


I have been pondering this old adage this morning.   Is it that bad things tend to happen in threes or is it a coping mechanism....or is it a load of old bobbins?

A List:

Received the toughest news
Daughter vomits all through the night
Trod and in dog poo and this morning broke the zip on the same, very much loved (and financially impossible to replace) boots and had to scrub said adored boots before I can take them to the cobblers!!

Now here I am ridiculously wondering if the dog poo and zip incident are seperate and whether I have two more coming my way to make up to sets of three.

Is anyone out there as ridiculously superstitious as me?  Is there anyone out there who is of sounder mind than me, who can put me back on a more reasoned track?   Is there anyone out there who can proffer a lovely, inspirational, nurturing treat idea, as I know a couple of souls in need of one?!



nickynackynoo said...

Oh poor you *hugs* I'd suggest a hot bubble bath and then an Audrey Hepburn film while swathed in a beautiful quilt. It'll take your mind off things for a bit. xXx

Louba said...

Oh dear - I'm not sure I believe in threes - I think sometime the saying makes you look for links that you would otherwise just have dismissed! Audrey Hepburn films usually work for me too - if that fails then blowing up balloons always works - it is impossible to be in a bad mood while blowing up ballons!

Mrs B said... that THAT I was not expecting!! Genius!

Nicky....youre so right! I have Paris when it sizzles which I still havent watched!


Valerie said...

Is it called feeling sorry for yourself and focusing on the negative? If so, may I join in lol. I am having a poopy week (not dog poop though thank goodness). Its the weekend tonight (6pm Friday I say), so the 'Weekus Horribilis' will be over soon.........promise.

Mrs B said...

well quite possibly V ;-) I must admit it doesnt happen to me very often but this week has been a stinker so far....

I am picking my droopy face up of floor....specially after pre mentioned event....though that was on the way to school and not in my own house I hasten to add!


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Have a huge mug of tea Bonny Mrs B!

If the boots are well loved the zip was bound to go sometime and if you've been up all night with Miss B you were bound to be tiredly distracted on the school walk.
Are you one of those mentals who avoid ladders and throw salt?
Don't I sound sensible? I wish I could avoid ladders, you would not believe how often I have almost/have walked into ladders, especially on George Street in Edinburgh where they seem to congregate in order to plague me!

Sorry your week has been a stinker.
heehee the v word has poo in it!

LissyLou said...

I used to be like this, until it made me crazy ;)

Now i just think - crap that was a bad day - oh well move onto the next!! xx

Tas said...

Ugh. Doesn't sound like a good week for you. Hope things improve pronto.

I throw salt over my shoulder and I will not walk under ladders so there is some superstitious feeling in my little corner of the world. But I tend to look back and say "oh that was 3 bad things" rather than look out for them to happen I must admit. But the fact that I think anything about it probably puts me in the "superstitious" grouping anyhow.

Menopausalmusing said...

I try very hard not to be supersticious and then find myself sticking to my mum's rules: "bad luck to put new shoes on a table", "bad luck to have a peacock feather in the house", "an itchy nose means you will be angry with someone" etc.

Hope life is better soon.

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