Wednesday, 7 September 2011

And So We Bake x

"You know," she said "baking should be on prescription."
Absolutely I nodded.  Wise woman.  

Life can be desperately cruel.  Brutal in ways that viscerally shock, numb and wring out a soul.  It should never be allowed.  If only a wall...or a shimmery bubble perhaps, could encapsulate all you hold dear and hold back the arbitrary viciousness of It.  

"But what can you do..." A breath.  A shrug.

Nothing, everything...something?

And so we bake x

The stove is warm.  The recipe known.  The swirls and swoops, scoops and tips familiar and meditative. Escaping for this short time into scents and millilitres.  
I bake for you and with you, my friend.

1 comment:

nikkiwilf said...

Thank you. With love from the 'Wise Woman'.........

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