Saturday, 13 August 2011

Let's Talk of Many Things...

...I don't really have anything of import to impart!


But equally that won't stop us will it.

I have a hot pot of coffee
and a chocolate cake big enough to drown in!  Let us dive in!
School holidays are an odd impossibility of time, aren't they?  Time stretched, warped, wrapped itself round about and inside out.  A Moment lasting forever.  A whole day, at once, can seem a blink of eye, or an eternity.
As a child, the summer holidays were a life time.  Stretched out before you, seemingly never ending.  September a misty land only spoken of in adult myth.

The buzzy, calm of warm breezes; the smell of freshly mown grass; the sheer enormity of the world when viewed from the perspective of a My Little Pony!
We were fairie Queens or Rulers of Our Own Space Planet...each with a totally fabulous and unique indigenous space outfit!

We were Soldiers on exercise, in training.  We roamed, whizzed and glided on a variety of wheeled vehicles: roller boots, bikes, Fiona Fraser's trailer and the girls next door skateboard!
We were the characters from Worst Witch, riding our "brooms"(bikes) side saddle or perfumiers bottling the scents of summer with concoctions of rose petal water and daisies!  Did rosehip seeds really bring on intense itching if shoved down the back of a lad's t-shirt?
Club meetings held in the garage!
Secret pass words and invisible ink. Being in or out and the indignation of "Pippa" across the road throwing a strop and taking her walkie talkies home with her.
As I sit and look now from my lofty heights of 5ft 1 and 32 years, to the untrained eye, what can be seen is one large unholy mess.  But really look closer, closer still...squint your eyes, conjure up nine year old you.  There is a fort in the couch cushions; aviation experiments in the pile of scrap paper emptied on the kitchen floor; a taste moment, a memory formed, the only remaining physical evidence, the chocolatey finger prints on the white wall; the wooden hill to Bedfordshire, being scaled by the Lego man, his endeavours halted by Daddy stepping on him in bare feet, before coffee!

So, instead I calmly sip my coffee, marvel at their ingenuity and imaginative super powers.  I dream of summer holidays gone and thank my lucky stars that I don't have to share toys with Fiona Fraser anymore!



Toffeeapple said...

A thought provoking and memory evoking post. Thank you.

Menopausalmusing said...

Do you even BEGIN to know how this this post wonderfully captures childhood? I am in awe at how you write.....

Homebird said...

This really took me back. I can remember clearly how the summer holidays felt so long, perfect days, the sun nearly always shone and the smell of freshly cut grass.

I also used to make that perfume, had meetings in a friends shed and had many many My Little Ponys. Lovely memories. Thank you.

Sam (5ft 2 & 33) :)

Marigio said...

You took me back to my childhood living in Uk...Lovely memories.

Anonymous said...

Lots of playing in the field next to our house, climbing trees, making dens and trails through meadowland, all sitting in our american truck (we still have it, a metal container on wheels with a pull along handle, we used to sit a few of us in it and whizz down the close!) I remember it all. I still would do it all too!! And always gangly even at only 5ft 7 and older than you!! :) Kirsty xx

Mrs B said...

Ah you are such a joyous bunch! I've got the cake, some beg their mum for pop and let's go!

Kirsty you've got the American truck right?! Turn around touch the ground, bagsie first go!


Anonymous said...

First go is yours indeed my love! Kirsty x

millefeuilles said...

It is lovely to return from holidays in Blighty and to pop in and visit your delightful blog.

Summer holidays... ahh! Am I allowed, as a parent of three, to occasionally find them a little less idyllic than years gone by?

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Childhood in a post B lady. You need to write a book.

Fancy Vintage said...

Really nice to catch up and read this lovely blog post.
My 3 wee ones have so much energy and don't sit still for a second. I need a holiday! heheh
take care for now, Becca

KatGotTheCream said...

Thank you for reminding me that the summer hols are not to be endured or wasted but are a time to stop and enjoy my two little ones while they are still young.

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