Sunday, 3 July 2011

Good Exhausted

Bone tired but glowing.
I love that feeling don't you?  Your body aches, your feet throb, your skin is still radiating the days heat, but you have had the best time.

Its a wonderful thing, when your sighs of exhaustion are only from being physically active, roaming about in open air, pushing on, because it is just so damn good to be alive!  Something not to be taken for granted, but to be relished and revelled in.  Remembered.
I ran and ran and ran this morning before the air became too still.  

We jumped in the little blue car and wound our unfamiliar way to a Cheshire Farm, on a hunt!  A crusade for the fattest,  freshest, juice-full Summer strawberries.  Field fresh.  The scent of adventure suspended in the ripples of warm air.  But perhaps of course it was just the waft of sun cream?
A little piece of heaven...
Blisteringly hot, but with plenty of water, farm made ice cream and frequent hide outs in the shade of hedgerows we have literally spent the whole day from early morning, till dusk picking, playing, sauntering and happily pootling.
We have picked our collective body weight in fruit.  
Cries of "Mummy...I found one!" making me smile,  laugh a new at each wonderous discovery.  In a field full of them.  "This one is so juicy.  What a dobber!  This one is mine!" they chant.  
"Oh perfect"  I declare.  "A jewel of a berry"
So beautiful.  So many delicious possibilities.
Jumbleberry Jam, cakes and bakewells, pavlova, sorbet or icecream, coulis, smoothies, frozen served with a hunk of chocolate or suspended in ruby jellies.....oh the joyful, abundant possibilities of summer eating.
I now blissfully, and with utter gratitude, take myself to bed, smelling of after sun and strawberries, longing for a mattress and the cool side of the pillow!


Menopausalmusing said...

You could not have summarized summer better......... I could almost smell the fruit and here those happy children....

Toffeeapple said...

Utterly entrancing.

millefeuilles said...

Ahh, the smell of summer: dry grass, strawberries, here in Vouvray, the grapes ripening.

I'm so pleased you had a good day.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the perfect day out.
You mentioned your little blue car. Well remember i wrote in one of your earlier posts that i felt like doing something crazy ? Well... I bought a car! Now i really do need to pass that test! Fingers crossed!

Mrs B said...

Crikey me!!! Fabulous!! Go for it! What car is it??! A Morris?! X

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish , do you know how much the insurance is on one of those. *off to find my L plates*

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