Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Yellow Gloss Paint and Giant Cardboard Cupcakes x

I would like to say, a warm thankyou, for all your lovely comments.  They have come in person, over the phone, facebook and of course here on the blog.

It is a wonderful and truly life affirming thing.  Friendship will always find a way.  We are a wee mammal just looking for buddies, hey.  I love that blogland has created this; a rich, inspiring 'kitchen table' of kindred spirits.  It is no less real because it is over the cyber waves.  We are a long distance buddies! 

So today has been a energetic, 'sunshiney', bright one.  Full of mainly silly and therefore totally soul satisfying activities.  

We have made and decorated cardboard cupcakes, for the fast approaching celebrations of littlest B's birthday.  
I love to sit with my children making something.  Like men (true fact), children like to talk, when they are engaged in an activity.  
It takes away all that pressure to make eye contact!  You find out the best things when talking and making...
I have gone mad with the yellow gloss paint, thanks to this article in this months Country Living.  
Not one to shy away from colour, it just filled me with a giggly, childish joy and encouraged a wild, brandishing of paint brush and a speedy production of lemon zest furniture!  
Combined with vibrant, fat raspberry ripple roses and you have near perfection (For me. Oh you too?!  Well I knew that of course!)
I have washed the sofa covers, rugs, blasted the toy room in prep for all those lovely, fun gifts that are bound to be coming her way. 
The mini B kitchen is sparkly clean, the cake stand full and the tea pot ready for imaginative teaparties.  
I adore my tiny's multifaceted personality...she rockets dramatically between digging, knee deep in mud, in a pretty, but 'highly-inappropriate-for-the-activity' dress to throwing herself fearlessly from the last step to making dainty cups of tea for all and sundry, real and imaginary.  If only we could hold on to our own complexities, embracing all our different whims and fancies, rather than trying relentlessly to simplify, minimise and compartmentalise our very souls!

A good days work.  I will sleep the sleep of a child.  A slightly gluey, paint spattered, run out child.  Bliss.


A Thrifty Mrs said...

Ha yellow gloss paint is the paint I splashed across the floor. As lovely as it is I can't quite look at it straight as of yet.

Mrs B said...

noooooooo outside or inside floor??

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Inside but thankfully it was on the tiled floor so I got it out but my heart was in my mouth for about half an hour. "Bye, bye deposit" kept running through my head.

trashsparkle said...

Phew - busy fun! Will have to get CL - those colourful pages look very tempting. I used to avoid yellow, but have started to like it - I got a dusty, neglected yellow alarm clock down from the landing earlier and its now on the mantelpiece, looking very zingy.

PaperFish! said...

Spray paints = grafitti spray paints are theee best for furniture renovations and small projects x no spillage. Ace colours, cheap as chips.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

So much fun you have been having!

The best kind. Sticky gluey and colourful.

Just loving all those colourful pictures so yummy and soul enriching.


The Bird said...

Love the yellow frames. I have been trying to find nice frames in charity shops to start a home gallery but I've found nothing as yet.

I can't wait to do crafty things - son a bit too young yet- everything still gets chewed.

Anonymous said...

I want to come and play with mini B's kitchen..... I bet it is much more fun to clean than a grown up one !!

Menopausalmusing said...

This all looks so much FUN!

(Still got that beautiful chaise longue, I see....... envious sigh......)

Soili said...

Such fun! Looks like you are keeping busy there.

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