Monday, 13 June 2011

Come In, Dear Friend. The Tea's Brewing x

Dear Friend, 

I am writing this letter, filling you in on my day's doings.  I hope, (I secretly know) that you will be interested, because like me dearest, you like to tiptoe up, peep in and smile.  Watch life unfurling in its wonderful, quiet, slow, methodical way.  Minute by minute, second by second.  Each happening a little piece of theatre.  Unique and utterly perfect.  
Tis not voyeuristic but merely curiousness.  An admiring appreciation of folk and the ways lives manifest themselves, in ways totally different but so recognisably the same as your very own.

Needles are picked up in houses, simultaneously.  In a beat.  The stitches the same.  The reasons different; the approach different (hurried, slow and precise, sworn or hummed over...I pricked my finger Dear Friend and marvelled at how it made my heart thump); the end results so beautifully different.  Like the stitchers.  I am stitching names on little calico aprons, for the Littlest B's Baking Birthday.
Birthdays, how many occur each and everyday.  It is like a single, honed, clear beam of light, piercing a crystal.  The result: a shower of rainbow sparkling differences, bouncing, tinkling into the corners of Life.   The emotions, the memories and hopes, dreams and frustrations, all complete and unique.  
Mini B is turning 3!
Birthdays of little ones passed on, the hardest (for all you Mummies of love x)

Dear Friend, have you managed to dry your washing?  Has the rain stopped long enough?  My house steams with smells clean, fresh but feels like a sauna.
"The sun is supposed to shine tomorrow.  I am planning washing" she said to me.  I didn't know whether to laugh or hug her right there in the playground!  Are we all the same?

Looking for the sunshine.  A British past time.  I have brought it's colours into the house.  Handmade, shop bought, rescued, passed on...sprucing, improving, changing, swapping.  Can't you see us all?  A birds-eye Ikea advert?
Summer Patch Work Stool Tops
I have run this morning.  Sitting on the wall, breathing heavily, I looked at my legs.  At once exhausted and heart thankful.  Its a gift, yes.  We can get up, go, run and run and run.  
Run Hard, Run Strong
It is not six people that separate me from someone who cannot.  An immediate friend and his wonderful wife.  Hoping dreaming that one day, a future day will come.  And that day will bring bike riding, walking unaided, playing football with his children, running the Daddy's race?  I ran Race for Life, for this truly lovely, welcoming, warm family x  Trounce it!!
Now, Friend, help?  I cannot stop thinking about chocolate today.  I fear that if I let just one of these passed my guard, that would be it.
I would have to be rescued from the confectionary aisle.  Am I recognisable, can you give me a hint.  Or can you sigh, reassured that you have eaten well and whole and pass me the houmous instead?!

The Lavender is in full bloom, the roses are fat.  It makes me happy.  Simply happy.  Do you still follow my advice and bring roses in?
In my head, we have talked and talked, 'of many things.  Of shoes and ships and sealing wax; And cabbages and kings.'  That is the joy of friends.  For it does not need to be my kitchen table, or your back garden.  We are always talking.  These are what I would have started with!

Till next always, MrsB



Mummy Boo Bear said...

You know I do so love your posts. Always so uplifting and life affirming.

Although sat at my dinning table with tea and cake and a good chat
with a friend is my favourite thing. A chat with a friend in any setting is always a close setting.


p.s Don't you just love word verification sometimes. When it complements a sentiment of a post one's just read? Sings. It certainly does.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Doh I meant to say close second on the comment above! Not setting.



PaperFish! said...

Dear Friend,
The many conversations had xx So much more than FaceBook. Which should be named FaceLess Book.

Menopausalmusing said...

A beautiful post Mrs B. Loving the sound/look of preparations for the little lady's Birthday party. Loving the colour in your photos too...........

Kathryn Ashcroft said...

What a beautiful, thougthful post. A real pick-me-up! Thank you! x

Tas said...

Beautiful photos. Lovely post.

noeleen said...

Am missing our chats at your kitchen table! It's been too long so have to make a date for next week!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

*sigh* Can I some how nominate you for blog post of the century.
And your hair?! LOVING it.

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

This post will be the reason for the wee inside smile I'll have for the rest of today, you are simply bonny!

Thanks for the chat...x

Richard said...

Greetings everyone from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard of Amish Stories.

Catherine said...

In a world where good friends feel rather too far away, this is just what I needed today :-)

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