Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Spit Spot, Pyjamas, Fizzle, Squelch and Mooch

Words, voices, songs and sighs, lyrics, lines and limericks. 


Such a whisperful word.  Onomatopoeic in its soft, shushed s' and the tight lock of the final t.  Words like these bring out a childish glee in me.  I like to play with them, rolling them round my mouth like sweeties before popping them out to see how they look.

Listening out for them is a secret pleasure. I hear all the ups and downs, twists and tangles in accents.  Supermarkets being, in my opinion, the best place to fully engage in this nosey past time.  Visiting a new place, my dawdling up aisles with a far away look, is a certain thing.  My joy at the check out, listening to the familiar, is tangible.  It is the same song sheet but a new melody. The mimic, not often a character who garners much affection, has my understanding.  I am sure it is a recognised -ism, to notice, pick up and on occassion, despite resistance play back.  Playing with sounds.


And it is when said with my father's 'pleasantly modulated' Glaswegian accent it truly takes on its onomatopoeic qualities.  The 'a' losing my sharp Englishness, elongates, softens into a golden arrrrrrr; the 'r' rolls into the next gooey layer; the finish is lingering, not muffled in the mouth, lost in a flat 'ul' but in an bright, enthusiastic 'el', its the pinch of salt in a perfect toffee!

I squirrel away lists of favourite words, perhaps over zealously using a juicy one for longer that strictly necessary... A six year old me would spatter every conversation with the word multiplication.  It just felt such a grown up, thoroughly multi syllabic word to be conversing with!

Please tell me what your favourites are....?  Share, won't you?  Its more fun.  Or so I tell the small folk!

  • ambient
  • anathema
  • arc
  • bobbin
  • brouhaha
  • bumble
  • bustling
  • codswallop
  • caramel
  • coax
  • dulcet
  • duplicity
  • effervescent
  • enamored
  • enigma
  • epiphany
  • felicity
  • finesse
  • flabbergasted
  • gumbo
  • hippy
  • hopscotch
  • hobbledehoy
  • indubitable
  • ingénue
  • jaded
  • kerfuffle

  • lackadaisical
  • lilt
  • linear
  • lithe
  • lucid
  • magnanimous
  • melodic
  • mollycoddle
  • multiplicity
  • mulch
  • perusal
  • pinnickity
  • poignant
  • posh
  • ratchet
  • ricochet
  • sassafras
  • saucy
  • scintillating
  • sumptuous
  • silhouette
  • sphinx
  • sultry
  • squelch
  • ticktock
  • tidal
  • trollop
  • turgid
  • ubiquitous
  • unilateral
  • utterly
  • velvety
  • verisimilitude
  • wafting
  • wildebeest
  • willowy
  • woebetide
  • yam
  • yodel
  • youngling
  • zippididoodaaaaaaaaaaaa!!


PS Mr B and I are currently embroiled in a heated Scrabble related battle, which may account for this post.  This is due to him laying waste to my plans for domination, with his word benzoate....


  Chemistry A Level Student should not be obliterating an English Literature student of my caliber (...and humility!)


Emma said...

I like the way the word "Polyp" is formed - pops out of your mouth with the sound of a big drop of water falling into pool below.

Lisa said...

opalescence and sensuousnes.
Lisa x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Gubbins is definately one I love to use as there is rather a lot lying around hereabouts.

Bilge is another one I like too! It has the right amount of distaste if said in the right tone.

Serendipity is another with a world of possibilities.

Starstruck and bound is one for special moments in time.

I probably could go on! Great post.


Katrina J said...

Ooh I have lots of favourite words too and hubby finds it rather odd that I like to discuss and rate them quite often! My current favourite (because I must be missing home and craving some decent English food) is piccalilli!

Is it possible to say this word and not burst into a smile??? I think not......

Toffeeapple said...

Zephyr always does it for me. There are many more but I can't recall them at the moment.

WV = anticri (I'm glad it stopped there!)

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I love 'discombobulate' because if I say I am discombobulated I don't feel as much of a space cadet. Also because it has 'bob' in it which I always pronounce (in my head anyway) like Rowan Atkinson in Blackadder.
There's a huge amount of Scottish words I adore too...dreich, braw, baffies, mickle, birl, fankle, spurtle, toty and shoogle to name a few.
I hope you scunner Mr B's plans on the scrabble board.

Catherine said...




mairibeans said...

pandiculation..... not only a great word but a great action.... it means to stretch and yawn... commonly done first thing in the morning when you wake up in bed... or at night just as you get into bed....
i love a great long pandiculation when you stretch your body till it stretches no more and the sound of your own personal yawn/stretch noise comes out and that almost irresistable moment where you feel like you could go on forever....

this is why pandiculation is my favourite word.

Mrs B said...

they are all fandupulous words! I feel humbled by your clearly better grasp of the English language...x

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