Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Pause

Crikey me, what a weekend!
I won't go into the gory details, but I tell you this, pox in the eyes, is the possibly the most torturous, heart breaking thing I've ever had to witness.

So round the house, are many potions and lotions, that are designed more for distraction than relief, it would seem; many cups of stone cold coffee; crumbs; half drunk juice drinks and various bits of craft activities started and left incomplete due to a lack of energy.  In short one huge mess.
I am watching the smallest like a hawk, checking her 'trunk' every morning, ready for the wickedness of the pox.  I am ready for you!  I am a little more clued up now.  

It is in times like these, when as a family you are all in it together, quite literally in this case quarantined, that you test your metal!  

I have learnt so much from Mr B, who is endlessly gentle, thoughtful, comforting but certain.  A wonderful, calming combination when poorly, perhaps a little scared and very much in discomfort. Perhaps he missed his calling?  He seems to know just what to do in the dead of the night to ease a little soul.  A cold compress for the eyes, a story, a cuddle.  
I have learnt so much from Master B.  He is stoic in his response to being poorly.  On the announcement that he had the pox, I watched a brief look of fear, flicker across his face; watching him searching for a story to tell himself, some knowledge that would tell him that it would be ok.  

"P_ had them too and my best friend L_.  And V_ had them in France.  Are they from France?'

With his usual gentle nature, he has even managed super human levels of patience in the face of a two year olds continuous questioning and need for play and her big brother.

I have learnt that there is a great deal of comfort to be given and gleaned in the phrase:

 'I will look after you'
In all the scratching, discomfort, worry and very sleepless nights, there has been fragrant bowls of chicken soup; 
cupcakes eaten in the rainy gloom, cuddled up with blankets, cups of tea and The Gruffalo on repeat. 
A pretty sight in the gloom
There has also been patience, consideration and care... and lots of kisses.   All of the nicest things in life.


N.B. if you have not seen the animated version of this book, please do at any opportunity, it is just beautiful!


PaperFish! said...

can you tell the Mr that i might be feeling a bit poorly.... if there is space on that knee of his... spare stories for the dead of night.... x

Mrs B said...

I will...I think he could mend a sore heart too x if that fails my cake is pretty good!

Toffeeapple said...

Poor little one, hope he is well soon. Your chicken soup looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Ouch,pox in the eye does not sound nice at all. Wishing Master B a speedy recovery.
p.s Loving your new haircut. I'd love to be brave enough and go for a short chop.

Mrs B said...

arrrrr ladies! Thankyou!

Toffee isn't chicken soup just one of the most potently beautiful things?!

P&Cs do it do it! It will always grow again. I find no matter what you think of your hair do, you find ways to make it your own and nice until it is time for another change!

Prosaic but utterly perfect beans on toast for lunch, with a sprinkly of cheese....just to up the glamor factor!!


Anonymous said...

Since having my little girl 15 months ago and turning 30 i've been fancying a change - I feel like doing something crazy,just not sure what. I've recently started having driving lessons ( i failed twice at 18 and gave up ) , i know it's not crazy but it's a start - Maybe it's a new mum thing!
Thank you for your comments regarding the morris. My dad has the exact same car as we hired on our wedding day. Unfortunately it's not on the road as the insurance is so expensive.

Mrs B said...

Oh I know that feeling! I passed my driving test last November at 32!! Check out the over excited blog posts in November!! I think being a mum can bring out a much braver side of us! X

charl said...

oh your poor little ones.. and getting chicken pox in the eye i cant even imagine how much that must hurt..
hope they start to feel better soon..
( im rubbish when the boys are ill .. the hubby always has to step in and help them when they're being sick etc..it must be a man thing!)

love your hair ..very pixie like very pretty..


Mrs B said...

charl! thankyou! Sick....gah! ;-)

The Bird said...

Such beautiful words. I hope health is restored to your home soon.

The soup looks amazing.

Sam x

Menopausal musing said...

Oh dear, I could never figure out why some children get off so lightly with chicken pox and hardly a spot (like my two) and others get it literally everywhere. Hope it all calms down for you soon.

That is a beautiful gamine haircut..... suits your face.

elaine rickett said...

What a lovely Mum you are.

Mother Hen, Funky Yoga Chicken said...

Aww Sweetie, what a lovely post. Almost brought tears to my eyes!

You manage even to make having the chicken pox almost sounds cosy!!!! (though very obviously not!!).

You were in my thoughts yesterday. I had Dinner with Dana(who had Chicken Pox at the age of 26!!)and we sent you lots of positive thoughts.


Angel Jem said...

Aw poor thing! The eyes? Not nice. Hope he's soon better and that the pox clears your house...
BTW the soup looks divine.

Carolyn said...

Your chicken soup looks wonderful. Wishing Master B a speedy recovery.

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