Saturday, 2 April 2011

Gift Voucher

"Calling all ladies...

This is a limited offer for Sunday only.  Use it wisely, foolishly, luxuriously, hilariously, silently....anyway so long as it is enjoyably!"
My creation
We are all so many things, we are all working to be so many things, we are all responsible for so many things (and beings!), we are aspiring and striving towards so many things.  

We should all be thoroughly proud of each other.  

Take this ten minutes...(I have provided you with the voucher to prove it to all around).  

It is of no significance to anyone else, it can be found when everyone else is busy not looking (throwing cheerios across the kitchen table, trying to find their socks, searching in the bits drawer for their wallet, keys, head...'just put it in the same place every time???').  

It is important.  This ten minutes is just for you.  Find somewhere, anywhere, it may take a little searching, where you can be alone for ten whole minutes (the front door step, the top stair, the garden...the attic, whatever it takes).  Breath in, breath out.  This is only for you, about you.  

Happy Mother's Day x


Miss Holly said...

Thank you !!!! What a gift ......I will use it happily!!

Menopausal musing said...
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Menopausal musing said...

Tell that husband of yours off for throwing Cheerios! Great post.

Red Riding said...

if this was facebook i would be pressing the like button!
guilt-free 10 minutes??i havent experienced that in the 9 months since my gal was born


Lisa said...

Hope you enjoy your ten minutes in the way you would like to too!
Lisa x

mythreetrees said...

Lovely, sweet idea! Used my voucher playing in my studio printmaking! Bliss.

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