Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mend and Make Memories

I woke up this morning, under a dreamy butterfly strewn duvet cover.

A day ago, it had been discovered, at the bottom of the linen drawer, relegated to the too-pretty-to-throw-out-but-unusable pile due to a long tear through the age-softened cotton, right at the top.  It had become a tube rather than an envelope. 
I pulled it out and sat amongst its billowy whiteness, spotting each butterfly, thinking back to the day I fell in love with this joyous linen set.  Spotted in a basket, beneath a shelf, in a sweet, little shop in Sheffield's Forum, 12 years ago.  I was smitten that day and still, this morning.  So springy and uplifting.  To sleep beneath a kaleidoscope of butterflies.
It cost a small fortune, then and really it still would.  I was a student, newly living with a certain, a little younger, less beardy MrB and it was more than a weeks budget.  But you know, when you know, right?  Sometimes something is so right, will be so loved and used, again and again.  I think, (whether rightly or wrongly) an investment into an item that is useable and at the same time utterly beautiful, joy giving, is the best way to spend your pennies.  If you know you will appreciate and love something you have bought, it will never be throw away, frivolous or a waste.   
 So out of the washing machine, fresh with lavender soap powder, dried on the line, spritzed with linen water, I piled it on to my table.  And relished every minute of mending it.  
 plunk    plunk   plunk

Mending with a hand turned Singer, is soul soothing.  The action of turning, turning and watching each little stitch form perfectly, quietly, gently seems so right.  Truly a meditative act.  You have time to think, meandering through your thoughts, listening only to the needle work its magic.  Perhaps I was Amish in a last life, friends tease me.  I am befuddled by machines...bread makers, fiercely fast, clever sewing machines...Twitter!  I breath a sigh of relief when I can pick up a needle and thread, a pair of wooden knitting needles, a pencil.  I can feel fairly sure that I am not going to cause any catastrophic situation due to speed.  I am someone who requires 'slow'.  I have no idea why, or what this says about me.  I am sure it wouldn't be attractive.  But I am beginning to understand it is no bad thing to embrace.
So this morning, I awoke, smiled as a little blue butterfly fluttered by, carrying on its wings whispers of the past, happy memories and of sunshiney, bright mornings still, Fate willing, to come.



Rona Gregory said...

Beautiful post! I love the new blog banner and design too! Isn't it nice when you have something for years and still love/use it? Sadly things are thrown aside far too often in this disposable age.


Mrs B said...

Hi Ro! I hope your day is sunshiney! there is a special place for loved, old items isnt there? ....bodes well for mr B?! x

Victoria said...

I can relate to this - I have some old, double sized, Cath Kidston duvet covers from when she was a 'designer at debenhams'. We now use kingsize but I can't bring myself to get rid of those covers. Maybe one day I'll find the perfect project for them?!

charl said...

how would have been a crime to get rid of it .. as its so pretty and has that sentimental value attached to it as well..
nice that you're able to use it again charl

LissyLou said...

really pretty!!

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Mrs B, there is no such word as slow - I suffer the same with technology - it's called methodical!
Beautiful butterfly's!

Mrs B said...

Arrrrrrrrrrr Ali I knew there was a better way to look at it! Thankyou x hope you are well! X

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