Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Make It Special...Now

Let's talk about perfection.

I will not deny it, I am someone who feels the draw, hears it calling, siren like.  I recognise the obsessive behaviour, the heightened anxiety, the yearning for the unachievable 'perfect'.  And therefore I feel equally qualified to say...'what a load of nonsense'!

Your idea of perfection, is different to mine, mine is different to everyone elses.  The striving for perfection is nothing more than a rod for your own back.  Particularly when it comes to 'home'.

Your home is somewhere you can be imperfect.  Its imperfections should be what make it individual, comfortable, memory full.  Yes that cushion doesn't match the others but you found it in that shop on holiday when you were twenty and it takes you straight back to that time, of mint teas and poker played with gummi bears....or something.  You get the idea.  Your home is for living, for now.


Now is an important idea when it comes to home life, as it is all about your senses (I am going to talk about this again, apologies!).   What can you see now, what can you feel now, what can you smell now, what can you taste now, what can you hear now?  If you can find ways of delighting your senses, with what surrounds you in your home, you can't go far wrong.  You will always have a haven, somewhere you'll always feel welcome in, to return to after a long day, to loll in happily...!

Pretty, spring (imperfect) bunting; squooshy cushions, woolly blankets on the couch; clean washing, warm linen scents of lavender washing powder....(clean bleachy smell in bathroom.  Am I wrong to love this smell??); chocolate cake by the coffee jar; jazz on the radio and toddler singing 'loudly' to herself...!

This bunting was made to make the shelves look special, to bring a little colour, to celebrate Spring with some joyous yellow gingham and a little vintage rosey fabric!  It is not perfect or even finished, still pinned...

Drawing pins holding it up...
But thats between me, you and the washing up!  It makes me smile, everytime I see it!

It looks lovely, pretty and fun, NOW.  


Victoria said...

My senses are seeing fluff and crumbs and smelling a burning smell coming from the vacuum... Oh dear!
But I can also smell and taste chocolate icing, see beautiful ranunculus and hear my little one playing at Fireman Sam. You are looking lovely and pretty yourself in that bottom photo - I love your dress.

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

So...aiming for perfection in an imperfect way OR for imperfection in a perfect way? Both?
I think both. Let's not be restricting.
You m'dear are perfectly bonny!

Saphy said...

I love that bleachy smell!!! your shelves look great I love the bunting, does not matter id it is pinned looks great!

charl said...

i love the little bunting.. it looks so sweet!!
i have a bit of bleach fetish to!!..

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I just bloody well want your kitchen. Alright?

Betty said...

and so do you Mrs B - haven't visited you for a long time so how timely to be reminded that my mess is also my nest and a bit of 'less than perfect' (cushions made hastily and not piped, silk painting framed but doesn't fit AND has an annoying crease right where you can't fail to see it). Thanks for the timely reality check. Betty (mrsyappydog)p.s. I like the smell of bleach too!

thriftyupcycler said...


I found your blog after a thrifty mrs tweeted about it. I can honestly say you have the most interesting and 'me' blog (and such a pretty house!) that I have read so far. Its fab!

But I can't seem to find the 'follow' button!? I think I may be being a little dim but it seems harder to follow your blog!? Ignore if I am being dim!!
Love it though, thank you xx


Well,that all sounds perfect enough to me! I gave up on perfection years ago; To have everything matching and 'just so' doesn't suit me, but it looks nice in magazines!

Mrs B said...

Hello lovely laydees! How goes it this morning? Any scandal? ;-)

Thriftyupcycler: thankyou for coming to see me! You're so right!! I seem to have removed my follow button! Dof! School girl error! Will sort this now...

Thankyou all for reading me!


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