Thursday, 3 March 2011

Homemaking and Honey Cake

'What are you?'

I always find this an odd turn of phrase.  It seems to crop up with disturbing frequency 'round these parts'.

Of course what they actually mean to say is, 'what job do you do for money?'

Well for a year I have had a little job.  One that I was very pleased to have.  One that allowed a little loosening of the fiscal belt. After our past four parenting years on one salary it was a source of joy to have a little spare, for zoo trips, a little DIY, driving lessons.

However this has ended and once again I find myself with no real answer to this question.

What am I? *wonders off, pondering*

Such a pretty view, I am so glad I filled these pots with narcissi.
I can't think of anything more welcoming at a front door, than pots of flowers, it is a hint at the warmth and possible cosy pleasures that may reside, behind the front door.
Surely a house with flowers, is a house with cake?  I imagine the smile, the sight of this little pot of jolliness coaxes out, when visiting folk wind their way up the front path.

Cup of tea, methinks.  A necessary prerequisite to navel gazing?
The sun is just making my world glow.  
Is Spring, springing, sprung?  I am looking forward to hanging out fresh white laundry on the line again.  I am daydreaming about morning cups of coffee, sipped on the doorstep, enjoying the crisp start to sunny days.  Bees in the lavender....

Oh now that sounds divine!  Nutty, dense, soaked through with sunny sweetness.
Hugh F.W. your food, your approach to eating never fails me.  It is honest, with a hint of richness, new in a manageably challenging way, but never pretentious or overwhelming.
A dollop of greek yoghurt, I think.  This is just a minutes holiday.  Savouring Sweet, Sweet, Sweetness off set with Cool, White, Luxurious Tartness.  It comes as no surprise that this is vanishing with astonishingly rapidity!
Phone rings...'any new cake?'

Cheeky...but secretly I am proud!  I know, smugly, that its going to be cinnamon rolls, made to an ingenius scone/ biscuit recipe, I have book marked.  Cinnamon *sigh*... not that I am telling him x

 Now where was I....'what am I...what am I...?'


LissyLou said...

mmmm yummy cake - great piccies x

Two Truly Scrumptious Ladies said...

check out for the recipe!

hope you are well lovely lissie!


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Comfort....your pictures, what you do. I needed your post, tough day, funeral, sore eyes. Stuck in memories of my Dads funeral 12 years ago.
So what you are is a bloody Godsend woman!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

The constant questioning of 'who' people are based on how they make their spendy buttons drives me wild!
You my friend, you are HOME.

Saphy said...

Lovely pictures, and a very nice looking cake!

Victoria said...

It is beyond me why we are defined by what we do.

I am hoping you are not one of the women Kirsty Young was talking about - she reckons stay-at-home Mums feel like non-people. I don't feel like that at all, but then I was never very career driven. And people's eyes used to glaze over when I told them I was a statistician so it is no different now I am a SAHM!

Lucky find in Barnados the other day - I have made a note to frequent the charity shops at your end of Barlow Moor Rd more often!

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