Monday, 14 March 2011

Gooooooood Morning x

Oh breakfast!  How I needed you this morning!
The Breakfast for the morning after the night before...
We all fall in such different camps when it comes to breakfast.  Some can't bear the thought of it and shudder visibly; others could not move another step until they had had their tea and toast; and for all those for whom a tiny, strong, revving, reviving espresso will do the job nicely, there are those for whom breakfast is a meal to relish, almost an occasion, to good to, tea, juice, toast, cereal or perhaps pancakes, fruit salad, yoghurt, bacon and eggs, creamy porridge.  The endless possibility of this, "The Most Important Meal of the Day" (click to read my sister's inspiring post on food...she's a Personal Trainer Extraordinaire!)

Which field do you fall into?

Either way you look at it breakfast is necessary.  You need to fuel your body.  You can visibily, physically spot the unfuelled! Crabby, bleary eyed, dragging their fatigued bodies to work, school and elsewhere!

Breakfast Burrito by Sophie Dahl is simply the most perfect way to start a morning.

I felt compelled to say, don't worry this is for the weekend, a Sunday breakfast, but you know it could be for anytime you need the body strengthening, hunger banishing affects of a good dollop of scrambled egg, anytime your vavavooom is feeling a little spent and chilli flakes are an enlivening God send, anytime the soft, warmth of a slightly pan charred tortilla will provide a filling sustenance with the added benefit of comfort and anytime you  just need cheese (we all have those times!)

It really takes no time to make at all.  Scrambled eggs, if you are wicked, like me can be done, with a careful eye and efficient whisking force, in the microwave.  Pan fry the spring onions and chili flakes, add the tinned chopped tomatoes, mix about, sling in the scrambled eggs, that you have added the cheese to and your done.  Into the warm tortilla it goes, scatter with parsley (which truly brings a wholeness to the dish and feels very purifying!) Fold up your little parcel of goodness!  Start your day as you mean to go on.  Paying attention to the really important things, moments, experiences in life.  Food and your energy has got to be two of the most sacred, surely!

It is as good with tea as it is coffee...juice....a smoothie....



Saphy said...

I love breakfast, It can range from cereal's, muesli, toast, bacon, egg, or a cheeky sausage and egg mcmuffin!

LissyLou said...

mmmm what a colourful breakfast pic.

I can go without break but i try not to. I normally have some museli or granola with rice milk. If i don't want anything i'll make myself drink an innocent smoothie.

The only breakfasts i never refuse is when we drive to the sea most weekends to our fave cafe for a big veggie fry up xxx

mythreetrees said...

I never miss my breakfast no matter what is happening! I would be lost without it. I have just found your blog. You write so well that I felt a jolt of nostalgia for times when my children were young and sitting round the table. Empty nest syndrome kicking in !

Mrs B said...

awwww laydees after my own heart! Starting the day, together with a good breakfast is simply the one of the most productive things I can do anyday! That and I am a glutton, so can't really help it! x

thankyou for popping in to see me, it is much appreciated! x

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