Friday, 4 March 2011

Fresh x


It's truly a sensation.

The sight and taste of doorstep, morning fresh milk.  Thank you as always cows *doffs hat*

The uplifting, rich, invigorating aroma of fresh, coffee (and to just to add to my personal joy, it is also MrB put it, 'only African rain has fallen on these beans'....*wonders off in head to steamy African coffee bean plantations*)

Fresh faced after morning shower.
 This lovely lady wrote a rather timely post on high street, budget beauty products...and on her advise skipped into Boots to get some witch hazel to cleanse and tone!  Oh my, what is not too love.  It tones in a way you truly can feel those pores shrink, it obliterates any left over grime, it is cheap as chips.  I can honestly say my skin has not looked so bright and fresh in ages!  I whole heartedly recommend this natural, effective and purse friendly addition to my bathroom cabinet!  Thank you, Thrifty *doffs hat*

And finally my fresh, out of the parcel vintage find.  A daisy fresh dress.  The sound of a reassuringly vintage metal zip.  The feeling of sure, heavy cotton.  The sight of ruffles and a sweetly bold, kitsch daisy print.

I find out often (after forgetting...frequently!) that the only real path to happiness, is honing in on your senses.  What is it you can see, hear, smell, feel and taste now.  This is now.  A gift...the present!


mother of purl said...

Fresh as a daisy and ful of the joys of Spring, by the looks of things x

Sue said...

Gosh, you are so right about paying attention to your senses. I was thinking much the same thing as I pegged out my sheets in the sun just now.

Aren't milk bottles so much more satisfying than plastic cartons?

A Thrifty Mrs said...

How cheap and how fab is that stuff? It soothes the skin after a session of eyebrow torture too. Love it.

Nice dress!

PaperFish! said...

you are a mother, a friend, a lover, a baker, a maker, a thinker, a smiler,a runner, a thrifter, a writer, a more rounded person than maybe anyone i know. Clever clever you xxx

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