Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hearts, Flowers and Folderols

folderol (countable and uncountable; plural folderols)
  1. (uncountable) Nonsense or foolishness.
  2. (countable) A decorative object of little value; a trifle or gewgaw.

Hands up who else a fondness for a little folderol? *smiles affectionately* at all you kindred spirits!  
(I now intend to use the word gewgaw more in every day conversation!)
Valentines, love it, hate it, keep it simple, buy giant teddies and cards that cant fit through the door, commercialism gone mad or simply the chance to say I love you to all folk special to you!  I personally hold the American way closer to my heart.  All the American children in my school would bring all their friends a card and we (the Brits) would snigger, because we were hoping secretly one would come from a much eyed crush!  But you can see the 'American Way' takes all the pressure, the broken hearts away and simply makes 'love yous' a generous, heart warming thing to tell your BFF!
I adore that in the truly awful last days of winter we have an excuse to plan a little 'festival'.  We made handmade cards for the mini B's  
We made some terribly but wonderful camp cakes! 
And just filled the house and hearth with folderols!  Of no value to anyone else, a mere trifle, but we did enjoy our nonsense!
And after this the Spring seems so much closer....
(Primulas from B&Q planted up in thrifted china cups and saucers)
I get yearnings for all things floral.  I want to see them, wear them, wake up and glance across at vases of them. 
(Old ugly, ubiquitous blue tub chair, recovered with some a fabulous, old Laura Ashley duvet cover)
I am dreaming of blousey garden roses.  I hope the rose bush I bought and planted last year will bloom fabulous quantities of fragrant pink English roses.  I want the lavender to hum with bees, while I sit breathing in the herby, early morning air after a run.  I want my garden.
(cushions spotted in charity shop for 50p each!)
I am using these last days of dark sleepiness to plan for summer dreams, outdoor eating, garden days, planters of herbs, tomatoes, courgettes and rocket, elderflower fizz, picnics in the car....



::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Hey you!!!

Isn't Valentine's Day a wonderful excuse to bake in heart shapes?

Did you ever when you were wee,cause obviously we're too grown up and sophisticated nowadays, look up dirty/rude/swear words in the dictionary?
I'll admit it if you will!
In any case it shows curiosity and a distinct need to learn and enhance our vocabularies. That's my defence if it was only me!! Indeed I'll happily share that reasoning if in fact you do agree.
p.s hope your back is better..

PaperFish! said...

ahhhh - you know it is the little 'penniless' things the count the most x

Anonymous said...

Love that skirt, is that the one I spotted in Primark??? :) xx

PaperFish! said...

Blog more? You are so very good at it. xxx

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