Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Oh poor Sophie (Dahl) how folk mocked when she used this phrase.  How she was goaded for being smug, pretentious and out of touch.

But you know I knew exactly what she meant.  Its not that you are depressed or even sad as such, just a shade of blue...mood indigo.

I feel a little slow motion today.  I feel ponderous and 'hermitty'

I am drinking mugs and mugs of tea...always in my prettiest cup!  I could sit and stare for hours at nothing more than how fabulous tulips look as they grow old so gracefully, utterly beautiful right to the end.
Growing old gracefully...
I want to make fruit cake with a thick, crunchy brown sugar topping.  I want to wear big jumpers that feel like a big cuddle (Mr B's grey lambs wool if I can lay  my hands on it).  I want to read Anne of Green Gables...or watch Amelie!

I know melancholy is upon me, when I start to scour the cyber world looking for pretty inspiration.  I know I need a treat!  Its not that I want to buy something at all.  I want to transform something, change it and make it wonderful.  Something that will light up my day when I look at it.  It is at these times I want to bake, or sew, or paint.

*sigh* am I Victorian or simply hormonal? Oh Lordy!


Flossie and Tom said...

I'm having a melancholy day too - I wonder what the cure is ?

I think its a brilliant word - a bit reflective I think

Mummy Boo Bear said...

I love the word melancholy. Its much better word than the harsher blacker depressed. And seems to sum up the users outlook. I feel out of sync too. But have been for a little while.

And I did a bit of baking today too. It must be in the air. Oats and fruit in a biscuity crunch. (Slightly crunchier than expected as I left them in a wee while longer than i should of) I will know next time.

Hope your colour changes from blue to pink? red? maybe. well Whatever your happier colour maybe.


PaperFish! said...

you'll be pink, come Friday x

Vintage Tea Time said...

It is a good, apt word, isn't it? I've read on a lot of blogs recently of folks feeling 'low', 'down', 'depressed', 'unmotivated', etc. - but often it is a melancholy - a greyness, a flatness.... Sunshine and warmth will help - but in their absence, flowers and hot chocolate! I agree with you about tulips :)

maggie said...

me too been very melancholy last few days...week Helen departed...job cuts...too fat to wear nice things etc etc but tomorrow will be a better day...send me some cake sounds yummy xx

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