Saturday, 15 January 2011

January Survival Guide

Yeuch!  January its a hideous month isn't it?  No money, no decorations or festivities, freezing weather that just seems to personify your mood....

However this year I feel I am taking it all in my stride a little better than last year.  I got to thinking what is it?  What's different?

And I have come to the conclusion that it is not that January is any less graspingly grey than last year, but that I am responding differently, gently with calm acknowledgement of what it actually is.  A month of restorative stasis.  To survive it I am embracing it.

The winter is a time when the world sleeps, curled up warmth of hibernation, gentle dreaming of spring and new life.  We all feel this need, it is a response to the weather that we want to sleep a little more.

So Tip 1:  Feather Pillow

This sale purchase has made me so happy!

I am going with my natural need to sleep and going to bed an hour earlier.  I relish the moment when my head sinks into the soft downy billows.  I love the way you can pull a feather pillow up and around your head.  I had one when I was little. I would fluff it up turn it to the cool side and literally slam my head down into it, the cool squooshiness, muffling both sides of my head.

Tip 2: Wrap Up

Like a squirrel, snoozing, cocooned in soft fur wrap yourself up.  This take many forms, but when you are wrapped up you feel unconquerable.  You have mastered nature, not huddled, beaten and frost bitten.   Wrap up in pretty wooliness.  Beauty and warmth.

Tip 3: Eat well, Eat Warm
Salad does not grow in the winter and therefore it seems perfectly reasonable to me, not to want to eat it in the winter.  Cold food in a cold body....bleugh!  Soup, mash, roast root veg, poached chicken, chilli....

Fill a big pot with a slug of olive oil, sautee four chopped garlic cloves, sling in a tin of chickpeas, a tin of kidney beans, a handful each of lentils and pearl barley, coat them in the gorgeously scented garlic oil.  Chuck in a tin of chopped tomatoes, a oxo beef stock cube and a tin's worth of water.  Let it all simmer, soften and soak up the water.  Then add something green....

Tip 4:  Eat your greens
They are full of iron!  Want to feel energetic, then get your iron!  The whole world looks better when you are oxygenated!

Tip 4: Buy Tulips
They are in season!  Its like the world gave us bulb flowers as a promise....the world will bloom again.  The breeze will soften and the sun will warm your skin again.  Buy them and cheer your soul with their simple, but utter perfect-ness!  Beauty is a necessity.

Find ways to embrace these months of quietness, stark calmness, cosy darkness.



::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Feeling the same way this year too, January just isn't getting to me the same. Why is that?
Good tips m'dear!

Victoria said...

Good tips, Mrs B! I am following them all, although my tulips are looking a little worse for wear. Must get new ones. My essential tip for Jan survival is homemade marmalade x

Mrs B said...

ooooh yes seville season! Bring on a little orange buying trip!


LissyLou said...

Tulips give such a spring feel - i have a row of daffs in my kitchen at the mo which are brightening my mood x

belclau said...

Hello Mrs B! I'm having a look here, I came from Kirsty's blog.
Thanks so much for those winter tips! As I'm from Latinamerica I find quite dificcult to get used to those gray days and very cold weather (even if Los Andes mountains are not specially warm)...
Anyway, you're right when you talk about eating warm things, that's the way nature goes, and it's full of wisdom, right?
I'll come here again!
Hugs from Belgium!

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