Thursday, 9 December 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

Look away now, all bah humbugs...
It's Christmas!

Bringing out the decorations, each whispering their own little stories of Christmas' past.  Loved ones make their appearance on the stage of your minds eye, playing their roles with aplomb! Smiling an inner smile, you begin to create the stage anew for  Christmas Present!  What will this year bring?  Food, presents, games, mishaps, shared jokes and laughter.  Create a new script!  Let's be merry and bright!

As a little girl, I used to go to a neighbours house (so I am told) and would always make a bee line for the bowl of walnuts on the hearth.  This was such a repeated act, that said neighbours bought boxes of Walnut Whips to the hospital, for my Mum, after my sister was born.  There is something about them, that I love to this day.  Aren't they like little treasure boxes?  Don't tell me you don't always take extra care, when cracking, just so you can get them to open perfectly down the seam.  My children think they are boats for mice, fairies, the Elf Folk!  I find them in the bathroom where they have been on their maiden voyages in the sink.  In my family, we love to tell the tale of the gentle dentist, who prised open a walnut ever so carefully, lined it with velvet, placed a much hopeful diamond ring inside and resealed it. Placed among the Christmas bowl of nuts, his love found sparkle and love, instead of a walnut!  Pure magic!  The wonderfulness of folk....*sigh*
Light.  Even if Christmas, makes you shudder with a perceived notion of hyper commercialism, falsity and plastic emptiness, how can fairy lights fail to make your heart glow.  The gentleness of twinkle lights, winking through ever green, is simply the most affective antidote to freezing fog that I know of.  
Stove is on a constant bubble, pans of cranberry chutney
...fluffy clouds of mash (heavens, how I am loving les pommes de terres....x  If playing Comfort Food Top Trumps, Maris Pipers have super powers that would trounce even Chocolate!) The steam warming your frosty fingers, the scent of melted butter, the promise of cook's perogative....a big spoon full before dinner is plated up!  

I recently read the lovely Nigella in a glossy, saying that life could be measured out in Christmas'.  To me this seems so true, are there any Christmas' that you cannot bring to mind?  How old you were, what happened that year, ones magical, ones a bit lacking, poorly ones, well ones, first ones, final ones.  
Back to decorations again, but they bring this home to me.  Each ornament a time, a memory a person.  I bought some glass robins this year, in memory of my Nana.  In memory of Christmas' past sat on the kitchen step in a Skye house, looking at the coal fire, eating a whole selection box, only getting half way through a showing of Watership down, till someone rushed up the stairs to pop 50p in the meter, above the cuckoo clock!
 Decorations from my mother in law, make our tree a truly extended family affair, memories from her own trees past.
 Christmas doesn't need to be perfect to be wonderful.  It doesn't have to look like everyone else's.  Christmas simply has to be honest to be happy.  Look back to your own Christmas magical moments.  What about them made you feel blessed?  Recreate it, just for you!  I have a friend who feels Christmas is not for him anymore, his children grown up, his now single state....whats the point?  Can it not be 'pointfull' if it just makes you happy?  His fondest memories were of homemade mincepies, baked by his promise of mincepies, encouraged his hilarious purchase of a 'christmas fibre optic scene'.  A new christmas stage set.
 Look around you, at the smallest things.  Feel warm, feel blessed, feel Christmas...and if that fails look at his face....

Enjoy this run up to Christmas!  You know where I am when you are sick of the high street!  Come and have a cuppa!



Laura Cameron said...

Oh sigh, thank you! Happy Christmas!

clarabelle said...

Lovely post... Merry Christmas!

Pink Milk said...

Simply charming post Mrs B.

Am with you on the potato love - think I have it running through my veins!


Three Honeybees said...

Hello Mrs B.
I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for sharing your lovely blog.
I tend to be a bit of a glass-half-empty kind of girl (I'm working on it) and have struggled with depression for much of my life.
Your gorgeous photos and wonderful writing are just so inspiring and remind me to look for the beauty that really is all around me.
Your blog is food for my soul and I'm very grateful for it.
So thank you, and Merry Christmas!!
K x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

A truly lovely and magical post.

You wrapped that up in a walnut shell. A visula and literary sparkle for us to discover.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I needed that Mrs B.
For some reason this year I feel a bit frantic. I'm feel out of the Yuletide loop I suspect due to being poorly for November and then being snowed in for a week.
I'm very late with my international parcels and seem to be a couple of weeks behind everyone else.
I need that cuppa so I can 'chillax' and get my Christmas mojo back!
I'll stalk this post often and take deep breaths.


PaperFish! said...

cupcake - it was the extended break surely?
Soooo glad you posted - i have been aching to read and see you in Christmas Glory xx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Oh, you made me cry.

Mrs B said...

yipeeeeeeeeeee!! hello laydeees!

You are alll so lovely!

Mulled wine at mine? rip up the to do lists....RIGHT NOW!

Do the things that make you happy and sod the rest! Are we agreed? Think back to last year, which bits are you so glad you did, that made you smile and what was pressure driven rubbish?

the things I was glad of last year was buying one roll of posh cath kidston paper, to use in strips around brown paper wrapping! I was glad I made nigella's Christmas muffins (the night before) for breakfast, sat chilled out with glass of fizz and a muffin was such a good start to the day. I was glad I asked folk to help (a new experience!) I was glad my brother brought monopoly! I was glad I wore a pretty dress even though I was stuffing a turky....I am endlessly glad I have Nigella's Christmas, she takes the stress right out of it....I need a good plan and she is firm!

Be merry! hum christmas songs when you feel stress rising! It works! Drink plenty of warm alcohol! Enjoy your family, ignore the high street!


Menopausal musing said...

A WHOLE selection box? A WHOLE ONE????!!!!??? You look to tiny to have packed that away. :O))))

Mrs B said...

Oh for sure I can! And I was only eight that year!! X

Victoria said...

Oh, I love Christmas! Your tree looks lovely.
Our first batch of mince pies has been made and eaten, cranberry jam made, 2 bags of Lebkuchen (and counting), 2 boxes of cheese crackers gone already!!! ... plans for Xmas muffins, more mince pies, 70's style yule log with plastic robin,, love, love Christmas!

Pink of Perfection said...

Wow. Your house looks like a very nice place to be!

Mrs B said...

sarah....should you ever be this side of the atlantic you have a warm welcome here! x I think we would be kindred spirits! s

Devonia said...

your post just brought a little tear to my eyes. have been feeling very humbuggy! I really really needed that! thanks! has been a rough week, work been crazy and then baby got the flu friday night. im currently sitting in clothes that still have a faint smell of baby sick to them and haven't sleept for 2 days. So just have to say that this post came at just the right time. im going to pick myself up, attemt to take a shower and get on with with some joyful christmassy stuff, wrapping and warm alcohol might just do the trick! xx

Mrs B said...

Devonia!! You are such an amazing woman! I wish I could be there to hand you your slippers and a glass of mulled wine and tell you what an amazing job you are doing and that it will all get better....x

I miss you....will email you now x

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