Thursday, 18 November 2010

Task Avoidance...Moi?

Why, when you know you really have to do something you avoid it as hard as you can.  The fear builds, you avoid it some more, the fear becomes a lurking shadow, ready to leap out at you, leaving your heart pounding and the whisper of a cold sweat hanging over your brow.  It colours even the best of times, the dread, the urge to bury yourself under the duvet....

Surely I have reached an age where I am a little wiser, a little more able to take control, to sit down and manage a task in bite sized chunks rather than hiding it in the back of the desk, till it reaches pachydermic proportions.

Bearing this in mind, look at all the things I have busied myself with today?  Task  Surely not?  
There has been a pile of chillies waiting to be turned into the truly fantabulous Chelly.  I adore this at looks so festive!  Great for a super quick tea of noodles, frozen prawns and a dollop of this!  Great on a bacon buttie as the lady herself advises!
Next....oooooh those blackcurrants that have been steeping in Vodka since July, are simply primed to be made into Cassis, today, now!  Drained fruit, keeping the stunning fragrant purple liquor!  Mush up the blackcurrants, strain through a muslin (in my case squeeze hard, through a muslin), make a simple sugar syrup, pour into the vodka/ currant mix until it is sweet to taste!  Bottle and look forward to your Kir Royale (fizz and blackcurrant liqueur) on Christmas Eve!
Then there was the inevitable coffee break, with a slab of this, given a quick ping in the microwave, so the cinnamony, maple syrup filling was warmly gloopy.  Can't rush that sort of savouring....x

I did eventually take control and on the advise of a friend, just tackled the thoroughly grown up task of sorting out my tax, step by baby step....oh heavens!  I have sorted it all now and although every so often there is a little ripple of the old fear, I feel calmer, more in control and fractionally less jumpy!

But you know, I think my task avoidance, produces its own wonderful results too....?
What shall I avoid next to make me do the laundry?


A Thrifty Mrs said...

You brave thing, you did your tax? Everytime I do mine I throw up. Hideous.

I like your avoidance techniques though. Cassis oooh yeah!
I make no sense today.

Ellouise88 said...

Magazines, cups of coffee and Midsummer Murder in the afternoon are my avoidance techniques. Yours sound great though; you are so much more productive than I!

PaperFish! said...

I go to the Antiques & Vintage Cellar to shop!!!

niftyknits said...

ooooh cassis - yum! we made sloe gin this year, but I never thought to try making cassis.

Mrs B said...

Hahaha! Lovely ladies! I knew you would gettit!

Thirfty - hilarious! That is exac-act-ly how it made me feel also!

Ellouise - much coffee and cake consumed today!

Fish - I wish I was there to shop!!

Nifty - arrrrrrrrrrrrr now the cassis was driven by my seasonal obsession with the kir royal!

Exhausted now! x

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Fabulous avoidance and boy I'd love a bit of that cake.
Don't you wish your PC had scratch 'n' sniff sometimes?

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