Saturday, 6 November 2010

A Collection

Do you have a collection?  Is there something that you cannot bear to leave behind, when you spy it in the corner of a shop.  Does it beg you to take it home?
I was a Brownie, as I imagine most of us were.  One of the very first badges that I earnt (after the easily achievable Hostess badge) was my collectors badge.  I remember then feeling like I was odd as I had no need to collect, no neatly arranged groups of identikit items.  Fiona Fraser did (you know the sort!)  My daddy helped me put together a very elegant folder of coins from around the world.  Looking back on it, I wonder where he pulled them all from.  Stapled tens of pockets in plastic wallets and told me all about them.  How lovely of him.
But did it make my heart go pitter patter?  No of course not.  I was a ten year old much more interested in playing the snow queen and scrabbling in autumn leaves behind the house.

Is it a sign of my age that now I am a collecting (hoarding) fiend?  Will the felines follow?
Well to be honest who cares when this is what I collect.  With an obsession that is bordering on fanatical.  I would sell MrB....well nearly...for the tea cups that belong to this set.  Keep you eyes peeled for me!
It is surprisingly rare and does not crop up very often.  I adore it! It makes me so happy.  I can see it gracing my Christmas table for many years to come.  It is my lifetimes work!  MissB, I hope you won't secretly swear at me, when it becomes yours!

Whats your thoughts, folks?


Flossie and Tom said...

OMG they are wondeful - I would love them - will keep an eye open for the tea cups for you - we go to a local auction every fortnight for viewing so will keep my eyes peeled.

TheMadHouse said...

I was never a brownie, does that me me odd?

PaperFish! said...

They are peeled for you. I'd keel over and die (dramatically of course) if i ever stumbled on any for you. Bagsie keep any duplicate items though ;)

mother of purl said...

Oh my- those are just fabulous and lust-worthy! You lucky thing! I hope you don't mind- I linked your lovely christmas wreaths on my blog- I am hoping to pop over to purchase one next payday, if there are any left! x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Your collection keeps groo-ooo-wing! Naughty.

I'm collecting utility china (it's out of hand), glass candlesticks and vintage suitcases. In fact, I have a vintage suitcase filled with candlesticks. Oommmmv!

I think collecting is instinctive, I'm not sure how or why but I do feel that most of us have the impulse to collect something at some point in our lives. My impressive collection of rubber, started at the age of 4 (most prized? Erm The Bee Museum rubber in a shape of a bee)is always in my thoughts!

Taz said...

Is it a obession if it's something you love and cherish? Eyes peeled for you but like PaperFish says I may have to keep any duplictes. :)

KL said...

I can see why you like it. Do you know what it is called / who made it? It might help in looking for it.

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