Thursday, 11 November 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

'I know your life isnt that beautiful...'

Just a throw away comment, not meant for over thought or consideration, more of reaction.  I understand.

But you know it did get me thinking.

Is blogging faking? (a la Carrie Bradshaw)

Well I conclude, personally, no.  It is not fakery, hoodwinking, theatre, lights and grease paint.  This is my life, my beautiful life.
It is not just for my blog that I choose to look at the warmth, comfort, beauty....
This is how I choose to look at my Life.  Surely it is always a better thing to hone in, with your own eye or your camera lens, your responses and emotions, your heart and soul on the things that bring you pleasure in the everyday.  It is not self denial to zone out the dirty laundry or the woman who pushed infront of you in the busy queue when your baby was just hitting 'melt down'.

I want to create posts that evoke my emotional response to a day, to this day in my life and home.  I want to look at my life and feel secure, comforted by what I surround myself with.  Sometimes it is messy and the washing basket has overspilled, edging its own way to the washing machine, but that doesn't mean that warm homemade chocolate croissants didn't happen
that they weren't egg washed, with egg in a sweet vintage, flea market in Norfolk, on Easter weekend sourced, china cup.
that they were not a joy to eat with a cup of coffee, while I warmed my November chilled behind on the still warm stove
that my neighbour, my new friend did not drop round in the cold, windy, gloom a pot of the most vivacious, verde-ilicous, vibrant homegrown, homemade pesto
that sitting here listening to the wind howl, that I don't watch fairy lights glow and love the tartan warming my legs.

This is not fake.  This is the life I choose to look at....x

N.B. the above photo based on comparison is a current fake ;-)


meplusmolly said...

Wise words my friend, indeed. And I love peeking through the key hole at your 'beautiful' life x

TheMadHouse said...

You blog, your choice. I read regardless

A Thrifty Mrs said...

LOVE this post LOVE it.
You have a life skill that I wish I had, you have the ability to see the beauty in everything. Even an inner thigh wobble cheesecake. To turn the mundane life into something to treasure and turn into meaningful tradition without coming off as smug is a special thing.

I choose to ignore the rubbish and focus on the beautiful sometimes, which is why the washing gets ignored so frequently.

Jumbleberry Orchard said...

I SO agree. Life IS beautiful, and it's only those who don't see it who miss out!

mother of purl said...

Wonderful post. I was mulling similar thoughts in my head on my drive to work this morning and then my brain started aching because I was trying to figure out if it was possible to be an existentialist and a buddhist at the same day. Far to confusing for a Friday morning. Keep being beautiful x

Angel Jem said...

I know this comment is 6 months late but.... I love this post. Life is what you make it and my life is a mess seen from one side or a tapestry of bright and glorious colours from the other. I love your positive outlook and the joie de vivre you get over just in this one post.
And why am I reading December in June? Because I love seeing the whole person, and I like to catch up on the past. Have a good halfterm... chicken pox or not!

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