Sunday, 19 September 2010

In the Autumn Gloom...

Rainy Days Were Meant for Baking
My kitchen is a haven.

The contrast of rain heavy darkness outside with the sprinkled prettiness of fairy lights and the glow of a warm oven is enough to soothe the most chilled of souls!

Days like these were meant for baking up something moreish, icing sugar dusted, with a strong cup of coffee.
Sunday Morning Autumn Danish
Perhaps this is why the Scandic countries are so good at it....think cinnamon buns, spiked with a little cardamon and vanilla scented, custard filled danish, glazed with apricot jam.  A little sweetness to fend off the elements.
Vanilla sugar...ubiquitous but perfect
These were so easy to make.

Use fridge, ready rolled puff pastry! 2oz of ground almond, 2oz caster sugar, 2oz butter softened, 1oz flour, 1 egg. Apple slices. Sprinkle of cinnamon. Generous scattering of sugar. Cream butter and sugar, add egg, almonds and flour! Spread this filling on a square of the pastry, top with apple slices, scatter with sugar and cinnamon. Fold in four corners, twist pinch, pinch for new corners..,didn't need to be pretty! Chuck in the oven, 180 C, 20 mins or so. Make pot of something fresh and hot while you wait! Autumnal homey bliss! 



Cate said...

oooh, they look and sound yummy!

i love, love, love the milk bottle picture - your photos are always beautiful!

cate, x

Devonia said...

agreed rain = baking! grey and misty here today and baking chocolate zuccini cake! xx

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I could run away to your kitchen bonny Mrs B!
You and your baking would have to be present though!!
BTW did you get my e-mail asking if you received my letter last week as a parcel I posted at the same time never reached its recipient, I'm worried the post box I put them in is dodgy...

Mrs B said...

Ali, I did get your lovely letter! thank you so much! gathering together a little epistle for you! x

PaperFish! said...

i was in there with you xxx
I made chicken broth and Buckwheat pancakes :)

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Thank goodness Mrs B. A brooch I made has disappeared and I shall curse the Royal Mail forever...I am glad at least, that you received yours.
I'm making pancakes this morn Mrs B, yummy scrummy pancakes. Want some?

Mrs B said...

Uh ya huh!! Do I ever?! I luffs pancakes!! X

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