Thursday, 16 September 2010

Half Marathon Life Lessons....x

Long long long runs....plodding, rhythmic.
New Runners!
Plenty of time to ponder.

Now sometimes, this pondering can take the form of 'what shall I scoff when I cross the finish line' to 'am I about to die' to pure telling off... 'engage core muscles!  Stop whinging!  Yes I know it is a blister! Why did you forget your jelly babies?!  Shall I get a taxi?'
Ready, steady...go!
But then also sometimes you come across ideas and thoughts that are quite simply enlightening.  Uplifting!  They go on to inform your days and weeks... life, afterwards.  Leaving you satisfied, glad that you ran that day.

This is what I learnt this time round...

No.1 never ever run up a huge hill...fools!

No.2 always, always race down it, like a child! When you feel your legs aren't your own anymore, they're going so fast, in that moment you are truly free!

No.3 time lost versus energy expenditure and all round good fun...totally worth it!

No.4 sprint finishes are worth the look of irritation on the faces of folk who ran a better race than you...heehee! 

I am still smiling about this seemingly simple set of revelations!  

It is such a life lesson.  Life sometimes plonks a hill right in our path.  At the bottom, your soul groans.   'It's insurmountable' you anxiously tell your self, you weaken, your resolve plummets.  You watch everyone involved struggling, rasping breaths.  Then you realise its manageable one strong step at a time.  One foot in front of the other.  Slowly, slowly.  It requires patience.

The top!  You made it!  You did it!  And now what a sight.....long winding path down, down, down.

Now gather your courage and race down.  Not leaning back, taking stiff, muscle bound, knee juddering, joint shaking plods...oh no!  Lean forward, believe you can fly!  I have not felt this way since being small, legs whirring, no resistance.  

It seems to me, that sometimes, you have to let that control go, the brute force approach is not applicable, perfection pointless, following the crowd is not sensible.  The path of least resistance, IS!

We all too often feel we have to be struggling, grinning and bearing with something, pushing on with stiff upper lip, to be on a path to success.  Well I say no to that.  Walk your own uphills, fly your downslope.  Win your race your way!


A Thrifty Mrs said...

Well done matey.
You were only saying last time I saw you that you thought you were in no way ready and YOU DID IT!

You did it, you did it, you did it!
Great revelations. Great post.

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Ah Mrs B, you wee philosophical soul you!
Well done and thank you for great advice.


PaperFish! said...

i might need pushing up that hill in a trolley..... ?

Mrs B said...

well that seems an excellent path of no resistance to me! I nominate MrB! x

HannahG said...

So pleased for you and a bit jealous! Just had my half marathon dreams quashed by a knee injury. But will take your life lessons with me as knee gets better.

Victoria said...

Well done MrsB - I'm impressed!! I've been pondering training for a half-marathon (longest "race" I've done is 10K). Would you recommend it?

Menopausal musing said...

WELL DONE YOU! Loving the little shaft of sunshine beaming down on you and your cup! It made me laugh.... :O))))

Laura Cameron said...

Well done!

Mollimoo said...

Yay, well done! SO inspiring, I am just thinking about running a first 10k run next year so thank you for your motivational post, applies in all aspects of life! x

maggie said...

love my baby girls blog xxxx mum

Mrs B said...

Awwwwww my mum! :-)) x

Vixbil said...

Love this post, I ran down a hill on my run with glee and had a blast. Thanks for the lovely advice and congratulations

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