Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Summer Eatin' Had Me A Blast.....x

Al fresco!

Eating outside is simply one of life's greatest pleasures!  Maybe all the more so since we do it so rarely in this country.  

Everything truly does taste better.  Fresher, more lively, vibrant.  Nothing distracts you, no TV, no work, no emails....just you, your companion and a glass or two of something zingy!

I am in love with these summer days.  
Blue Sky Thinking

Hideous, over used, trite, office bound terminology......
What a lovely way to think.  I like the idea that in order to achieve inspiration, new direction you look to the up, up, UP.

Sunshine, lightnessunfettered...
Last summer this book was bought in an Amazon led bout of optimism....

It was barely looked at!  Suffering under a thick blanket of cloud, rain, temperatures that forced the pulling out of woolies in July (click for proof!) and not one holiday to relieve the soul zapping weather!

However I have read it cover to cover today!  Cooked two recipes (Mauritian Curry and Griddled Aubergine) and am planning at least another three!  

Let's soak it all up!  Enjoy everyone of those rays!  Feel warm to your bones!  




Menopausal musing said...

It seem to have been a few years since we were able to sit out this much and I for one am determined to enjoy it! :O)))))

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I've spent most of this week (barring my jaunt into Edinburgh for the blued eyed devil to hurt my mouth) in the garden and have hardly done a thing indoors. I am a bad housewife but a happy crafty one. Hubby was in Manchester yesterday working and said it was glorious down there!
Your spirits seem so high just now let's go fly a kite!!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Mmmm I love that book. Last year certainly was not the year for break it's spine though!
I hate the office jargon but when you seperate some of the phrases from the bullshit and think about them the clichés fall away. A bit.

Enjoy the sun. I'm in the garden under my brolly keeping the rays from my skin. Vit D? Pah! Who needs it.

Victoria said...

Ooohhh, love that book.

I can recommend the Keralan fish curry and the courgette fritters, and the ricotta hotcakes, and the strawberry ice-cream, and the lamb patties,.....

shall I stop now?

TheMadHouse said...

I got sunburnt at the park after school today, even with factor 50 on! I am making the most of the sun

Kitty said...

Looks Delicious !!

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