Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Up to my nose in Spring!

I think it was the daffodils that did it...
Then the sun came out...

And showed up the dirty fingerprints, chipped paint and smeary window panes!

Then it hit!
The URGE to Spring Clean!

I firmly believe this is a motivation that cannot be forced! It has to come over you...for true satisfaction! So don't go reading this and thinking furiously to yourself " I SHOULD Spring Clean....I SHOULD sort out that cupboard under the stairs...I SHOULD rearrange my upstairs and put it downstairs, just like I have always wanted". For that way only misery, self flagellation and divorce lies! But when it hits...go for it! Be a whirling dervish! Don the pinny, grab the dusters (available at Mrs B's folksy shop, should it really take you and you want to look pretty while you do it!)... and 3 bin bags!

One for utter rubbish, one for charity and one for mending. Throw out 27 things from each room...anything counts, fluff, bits of paper, dead flowers, random broken plastic digger from son's comic! It is cathartic! We hoard so much rubbish over the winter...probably because it is too cold to get out from under your snuggly blanket and head to the bin!

I spent a good few mornings just doing that! Decluttering, clearing, returning things to their proper homes, and washing everything that wasn't nailed down! Today it is all done! Arrrrrrrr satisfaction, now the fun of prettifying! New embroidered, gingham tops, replace the knitted stool jumpers!
My desk has a new skirt! A place to store my Spring clutter....

It is important to tell you (before you have me locked up and disowned as a modern woman!)....
I am talking mundane, constant chores, ironing, mopping, endless dishwashing. But this, this is a whole other ball game! This is like giving your house a good exfoliate, facial and a new lipstick! It maybe sad, but it is true none-the-less, I feel more in control, feel clearer in my head and ready to make, bake and create and that is because my environment is in control.
Mess is stress!


nickynackynoo said...

Ah, now I like the idea of that table skirt for hiding things behind. Tempting.... which is more than I can say for spring-cleaning. I hate it. Sigh.

Mrs B said...

You hate it because you feel you have to do it! Don't! MrsB tells you so! Unless the urge hits DON'T DO IT! that is just society making you!!!! ha ha! If the Spring lamb-y springy-ness takes you and makes you leap about like a March Hare, then do it! But....and I repeat...not unless that URGE hits you! x

MelMel said...

Its funny...I quite often have bags of energy for fun stuff, like charity shop shopping......but faced with housework......I suddenly get the urge to pick a book up....which in a way is a good plan...cos then while the book is in front of my eyes, its impossible to see the dust bunnies!

Love the dusters......so cute!x

Lisa said...

Have you been influenced by that FlyLady? She goes for the 27 thing fling!
Lisa x

Menopausal musing said...

Noooooooooooooooooooo! Mrs B's gone over to the "dark side"......... We must mount a rescue mission immediately!

Great pinny and dusters!

Mrs B said...

Ah ha ha...I am unrepentant!

I am with Yoda on this one...

"fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to the dark side....hmm!"

I was bloody fearful of the state of my house!!!


You're so right cathy! Rescue me, I'm quoting Yoda, what's happening to me?!?!!!!! HELP !?! Anyone?!

Christy said...

The urge to Spring Clean hits me like a ton of bricks on the first day that we can leave the windows open. Then, watch out! Love the pics and the post. Thanks for sharing. :)

....cupcakesandbiscuits said...

NO WAY!!! I was so going to ask you (very sweetly with promises of Tunnocks Teacakes)if you would maybe make me a red gingham apron and there you are making a skirt for your wee table.....we should talk!
I too have been bitten by the 'Spring Clean' Bug of late, I named him Georgie Porgie Pudding and Stew - I must clean those windows of dirt and bird poo.....aah I'm in a silly mood. Hubby is watching Band Of Brothers A.G.A.I.N so I'm with the ipod, Florence and the Machine and Biffy Clyro, trying not to look at the TV in case I see someone being blown into pieces...xx
p.s Yay to Yoda, he's on my mobile telling me "A message from the Dark Side, there is" I do love him so....ooh the v word is deysies, how friendly! xx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I am too lazy/hungover to spring clean yet!
Come round and do it for me?
I have however managed to clean out my stored summer clothes and send loads to charity - hurrah!

Your duster are vay purty.

PaperFish! said...

i think we are all agreed then...
MrsB needs to be bundled into a small chest and left there, whilst we merrily smear cake all over her blissfully clean and re-vamped Spring home.
I thought once... somewhat foolishly, i now see, that WE were friends.
i am obviously mad.
and wrong.
my verification word is "bunks".

Mrs B said...

arrrrrrrr right now!! That is a step too far! If you loved me you would love me despite my "afflictions"....and twas the Spring that made me do, guv!! *hangs head in shame*


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