Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A Journey of 365

365/2, originally uploaded by Mrs:B.

365 self portraits, one a day, to be taken only by you.

Its an odd thing. This project! It seems a strange mix of vanity, curiosity, navel gazing and self improvement, enthusiasm, more curiosity!

It's not new in anyway, but of course each persons journey is new, everytime they do it, and some folk have done it several times! I have heard it is fascinating, challenging, an eye opener and on completing, cathartic!

Where will I be in a year's time....I feel a little like I am tempting fate, or am I being brave looking it in the eye and daring to dream some new dreams, to mould my fate a little? I hope I can drive, I hope I can play the ukulele....just a little, I hope I have solidified/ anchored my book ideas and am feeling courageous about its next steps, I hope my marathon dreams don't seem as far off as they do right now....I hope I am happy, I hope I am fit and well, I hope I have grown (inwards not outwards!! hahaa).

Here is a link to my set but should you want to follow the many folk taking part or indeed to start your own on a very arbitary date ( like myself and msFish) then go to and look up the 365 pool/ group.

I am a mix of nervousness, excitement, hopes and ideas! Watch this 365 day space!

Journey of 365 Days - MrsB



Heather said...

I rather like the idea of it but am not sure i could keep it up. Love this shot though, very nice.

Lisa said...

Fabulous idea, hope you enjoy the journey as you go snap your way through this next year.
Lisa x

Menopausal musing said...

What a great concept..... looking forward to seeing the results!

LissyLou said...

ooo very interesting idea...looking forward to seeing your wonderful results. x

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