Friday, 5 February 2010

Perfect combination

Perfect combination , originally uploaded by Mrs:B.

Its four o' is done, it is a wee while till tea....what to do, what to do....choc chip cookies and glass of milk of course! This is when you know life is good! x


Olivia Carter said...

Love Chocolate Chip Cookies! Love. Them.

clarabelle said...

Lovely...we made some Abernethy biscuits the other day - love home made biscuits

cupcakesandbiscuits said...

You are sooo right!
Hey Mrs B if you would like an apple brooch we could maybe, if you like, do a Saturday Swapshop (even though it's Friday - bear with me). I love your butterflies at your folksy shop, ooh or an itty bitty knitty. Let me know...
It's been well over a year now since I stupidly let an orthodontist talk me into getting braces and I find myself fantasizing about biting into a juicy apple more than I should probably admit. I'm a bit fixated on them, hence the flirt with felt.
Have a great weekend!

Yappy Dog said...

hey, glad you are more upbeat today - mothering yourself, that's good - I'm starting a diet too now so won't be mentioning chocolate again for a very long time. Had a bad day today - blogged it - saw some vintage cups and thought of you!

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