Saturday, 13 February 2010


Any excuse!



Mrs Yappy Dog said...

did you fry that egg, Mrs B??? It came out well, I saw an egg shaper heart shape in a £1 shop but wish I had got it now.

Victoria said...

I made pancakes with my egg shaper - worked a treat.

cupcakesandbiscuits said...

'yummy' (not grease) is indeed the word!

Bobo Bun said...

If that's your egg, you've cooked it just the way I like it. Now I feel hungry again.

Gorgeous little cakes too.

Mrs B said...

hee hee!! I did indeed fry the egg!! How clever is that! I hate fried eggs (a rare thing for me as I am complete gannet!) but I loved making these for Mr B! I even noticed a slight blush...I think I may have found the way to his heart!

Bring on tomorrows pancakes!


Little Bear Stories said...

How did you get that egg cooked so perfectly?! Let me in on your secret!

I visited your shop,
I was very well looked after,
I spent way more than I should have,
It was my husband's money anyway!
I got some very pretty things indeed,
one for me,
2 for a birthday.
Thank you! ♥

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