Monday, 25 January 2010

Over Sized, "I Feel Pretty" Bow Brooch

I am using a phone camera....thats how addicted I am to blogging!

I can't help but want to show you:

a) sweet cable cardi from.....wait for it......PRIMARNI (Primark to those of you it fills with horror!)
b) the practically perfect in everyway vintage brooch from MsFIsh
c) the fun, floral, OVER SIZED bow I made.....(it looks perfect on a beret!)

I am busy sewing up my swag bag and making friends with shady characters who wear stripey clothes....? So if you see on the news a bank robber in suspiciously turquoise tights...."you ain't seen me, RIGHT?!"



LissyLou said...

shady characters???

Love the cardi, brooch and bow!!!!!


cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Aah Mrs B, the blogging world wouldn't be the same without you "ya 'wee, sleekit, cowrin timorous beastie' withoot yer camera"!! heehee!!
No need to resort to thievery. All us followers could donate ten bob as payment for entertainment received and you'd have plenty. What do you think? Good idea?? Haha! OR we could all just show our appreciation and pay a visit to your folksy shop...I for one am still hankering after a woolly ball 'itty bitty knitty". We have to do what must be done to keep you here!!
Loving the bow fabric!!

Menopausal musing said...

Great cardi, bow and brooch...... I bet the bow would look great on a beret, something I would have loved to have worn when I was younger. Bet you can carry it off!! :O)))))

Mrs B said...

hee hee lissy!!! My beloved camera has given up the ghost and it is a big bugger so cost a fortune for new lense etc! Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!! so those were taken on Mr B's phone, but obviously that is with in the day no photos for me!

So I am gathering shady folk a la Italian Job!

Ali.....Happy Burns Night!! Will you be partaking in the neeps and tatties?!?!? I make the sassinak I am married to, eat them too!! I think perhaps we would be entering uncharted territory with a tenner ber post....what happens if I was having a off day and wasn't in the least bit entertaining....???

ah Cathy, I have no idea what the mums on the school run must make of me.........

best not think on it too much!


Menopausal musing said...

Just promise to wear the turquoise tights on your legs when robbing banks, pulling them down over your face is NOT a good look, and especially not when wearing a beret! ha! ha!

cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Aah c'mon Mrs B, 50p a post each is pennies. If you gave us a pants post we would just withhold funds!
Yes to haggis tonight! Can't wait!! We loves the stuff!!!

MelMel said...

oohhh lovely...making me feel happy too!x

Yappy Dog said...

I like your cardi, Primark turn out some unexpected beauties sometimes. And your phone camera is fine, it does the job. I can imagine the lovely bow on a beret - very pretty.


New to your blog, love the bow! Kx

Mrs B said...

blonde x

Devon said...

very cute as always! x

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