Friday, 27 November 2009

The Sherry's Out!

Which can only mean one thing.....Stir Up Sunday is round the corner! So I have been steeping the dried fruit in preparation for Sunday's stirring, mixing, wishing, pudding creating, mulled cider drinking start of Christmas in the B household.How Christmassy does the baking cupboard look?

Such a nice thing to do...when the weather looks like thisIt's actually hailing! Crikey! And someone in real life told me that it was going to be a BBQ winter! Guffaw!



Victoria said...

I'm new to your blog, but I like it very much. I've used your biscotti recipe already (they didn't last long), but never mind as I think the weather is going to be wet for a few days so there's nothing for it but to stay in and bake some more!

p.s. there is a craft fair at St Clement's in Chorlton tomorrow (11-4) if you are brave enough to venture out in the rain.

Mrs B said...

Victoria-how exciting!!! thankyou for visiting me! I will try and get out and about for the craftiness tomorrow! love a craft fair! x

cupcakesandbiscuits said...

My goodness Mrs B, what a tidy cupboard!! I'm ashamed now that my baking drawer looks like it's been rummaged by a burgler. Have a great weekend. We have a panto in Edinburgh on Sunday cool is that? I shall be hoarse from screaming but feel wonderfully Christmassy.
"He's behind you"
Ali XX

Lisa said...

Your kitchen is going to be smelling so gorgeous this weekend.
Happy baking.
Lisa x

Taz said...

A BBQ winter! I'm still waiting for the Indian summer LMAO
Do you think I've left it too late to make a xmas cake now?

Rhiannon said...

How exciting! I'm not having a stirring sunday this year, but I am making mincemeat this weekend, to my own (never before tried) secret recipe...

Mrs B said...

oh Taz, I think not! Nigella has a last minute Christmas cake recipe! Will have a look for you!

Rhiannon, that sounds intriguing!

We are all a-stirring here!!


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