Thursday, 12 November 2009

Keeping me sane....

....this week is

making jam tartsmarvelling at Miss B's initial reaction to jam tartsmaking edible, homemade Christmas gifts (such a satisfying, wholesome thing to do!)

Chelly (chilli jelly) to stir into noodles, have with cold meats and cheese on Boxing Day, to have on a Bacon Buttie when too much 'Christmas Cheer' has been had (a great tip from the lovely Nigella!)

Vanilla Sugar, just perfect on porridge, sprinkled on popcorn, or making cupcakes with!And a woolly winter cushion, created from a thrifted, felted scarf! Love it, so cosy, so comfy, so happy me!


PS the vomiting seems to have subsided finally, in the B household. I must have the constitution of an ox. MrsB did not succumb (touch wood) to the evil lurgy!


cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Glad to hear the family are feeling better!! You have been a busy (mrs) Bee! It is a fact; you can always trust Nigella! She is the wise woman of the culinary forest!
I don't recall ever finding being called a tube so amusing, for some reason it reminded me of my big brother calling me 'Bawheid'.
Take care
Ali X

Heather said...

delish! did you make your own pastry...emm...whatdyacallems...the base thingys for the tarts? Thy look lovely. There is something so satisfying about making your own xmas pressents.

Mrs B said...

Hee....bawheid! you make me laugh, Mrs!

Heather- I did make the pastry, but I feel it maybe a bit rubbish, I can't be doing with the ice cube in the water, cold butter, cold fingers malarky! SO made a childrens thinking is ifkids can do it then surely I can?!?!?! Mind you, being where you are, keeping pastry cold should be no problem!


TheMadHouse said...

Glad that everyone is feeling better and that you have not got the dreaded lurgy.

Jam tarts, yum. I must make some and lemon curd ones too.

How is nursery going?

That Crafty Fish! said...

PHOTOS!! mmm, lovely lovely lovely lovely loveyou x

Lisa said...

I have that very self same blue glass cake plate, sadly mine is bereft of jam tarts.
Lisa x

Rhiannon said...

I'm planning on making some chelly soon - does it work nicely? x

Mrs B said...


Rhiannon- it works a treat sooooooooooooo easy! looks gorgeous!

Lisa- where is yours from? I got mine in random charity shop in blackpool....I have convinced myself mine is centuries old.......heehee

nursery going well.....till vomiting occured!


Mrs B said...
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Mrs B said...
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