Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Gods of Rain and Thrifty Luck!!

I went shopping and I bought.....

sweet chestnut puree, tartan and polka dot ribbon, a Christmas pie dish, pompom trim (couldn't help myself), lovely posh Christmas wrapping paper (to use very sparingly in strips round cheap Primarni wrapping paper!)......and a partridge in a pear tree!Then as I was getting off the bus with two sleepy babies, the Rain Gods decided to dance a little jig.....well actually, decided to start a great big, foot stomping, raucous 'hoolie'! As I ran full tilt, swearing silently at puddles, I passed the Charity the window blurred past I thought "oooooooooo nice wellies, they look quite wee...."


They are lovely....what I am doing?! About turn! On inspection they were indeed wee....a size three! Now this does not happen very often so they were clearly meant to be mine! I have wanted a pair of wellies for ages, but having no real need for them, I have worn ridiculous shoes in the city for years, had wet feet often and suffered no real ills! I had added it to my list of desires that I leave up to fate. It works far more often that you would think! And quite often if I give in and buy it new, that very week it will appear, in thrifty form, for a fraction of the price and much more satisfyingly 'pre-loved'....and so the inevitable self administered kick up the backside has to happen!

A pair for Master B and Mrs B for £5.98!So thankyou, God of Thrift! We love them and had the best puddle jumping fun on the way home! Every rain cloud has a silver lining!



seaside grannie said...

splish, splash, splosh,
Blackpool is awash,
So all the the size 3's and threes,
Should bring their wellies please.
To stroll along the prom,
Watching the trams whoosh along,
Untill it's time for tea,
'Scampi and chips for me'
love me and him xx

Menopausal musing said...

After a long hard evening at work I roared with laughter at your photos........... How lovely that you can laugh at yourself..... a brilliant post, and I so agree that things seem to turn up at opportune moments in charity shops... Thanks for the comments re being a Forces child... I am convinced it is what has made me a hoarder, since we were never allowed to keep things as children due to constant moving. (That's my excuse, anyway!). :O)

TheMadHouse said...

Wow - loving the wellies

LissyLou said...

Love the ryhme seaside granny!!!!

Great buys Mrs B!! do you really have dinky feet? ooo i would love dinky feet!! I'm a size 6, which i know isn't that big but i'm only 5 foot 1!!!!

Pomona said...

I want some! Wellies with apples on would be perfect for me - and I live in wellies it's so muddy here!

Pomona x

VintageVicki said...

Lovely wellies - nothing beats a good puddle jumping session.

Mine are black with pink polka dots - I will never grow up ;)

Mrs B said...

hee hee!! Love them!! So made for me! I am debating wearing them to meet master B's nursery teacher today!!

Pomona, I think they maybe george at ASDAs?! Worth a look.


That Crafty Fish! said...


wellies! :)

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