Monday, 21 September 2009

Birthday Shinnanigans!

I adore birthdays!

I (probably naively) cannot understand the gloomy, response of 'I don't want a fuss....I don't do birthdays....oh I am too old for that malarky'!

What?! It is your day to shine a little! Be proud that the world is a little better because your in it!

September in our family is BONKERS! My mum, MrB, my lovely brother and sister in law, my brother, his super girlfriend, Sarah (big birthday hello to you on your day today!!)........and I whisper......then do a little dance....then giggle.....tis mememememememeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I am only thankful that neither of my children were born in September!

It was the lovely MrB (junior's) 30th birthday this year! His MrsB set me on a mission......a cake mission! How could I resist!We got to lick the bowl....twice!There were lots of left over 'bits'!I got to play!It was great fun
And then.......There was a lovely lunch (thank you, kindly, Barton Seniors!) and cake eating!


LissyLou said...

oooh fab cake!!!

Did you look at the bottom of that lovely bowl with the hearts for me? i want i want!!!!

Mrs B said...

I did indeed! It is mason cash and is available through


LissyLou said...

oh thank you madamme, i will go and look now xx

Devon said...

very cool cake!!! and Happy Birthday to you!!!!! card is in the post but will be late. as usual. the last 2 weeks were crazy at work but on mat leave now!! yippee! hope you get lots of lovely gifts. love D x

MelMel said...

Sp many happy days this month...enjoy yourself!x

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