Saturday, 29 August 2009

Big Love for Handmade....x


Made By Hand

One Off



So off I tootled on the Lady (very slowly, she was a touch cranky today...maybe the change in weather is making her springs ache!) to find Handmade first market.
I bought a lovely skirt with a bicycle on (I was feeling the bicycle love, despite her cantankerous ways),tried a yummcious vegan cupcake, talked with some lovely folk, who adored what they made and then giggled, talked too fast at (I am sorry!!) and planned a date with the minxy SallyF! is so right! What a great way to rebel! In the cutest, gentlest, quirkiest but most definite way, people who make and buy handmade are saying no to mass produced, no to globalisation, no to monopolies of markets and materials!

2 comments: said...

I love yourbike and the way you refer to her as the Lady! I want one now!
Lovely post. thanks. Suzie :)

The Antidote said...

Tights, boots and a chunky cardigan?
Where did summer go?

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