Thursday, 9 July 2009

A Need for Nurture....x

I feel the need for old friends, for my mum, for silence, for warmth, for gentleness!

I am feeling the strain a little this week- small noisy folk, a permanently messy house, demands and expectations, recession and a miserable bank balance. It all takes its toll doesn't it?

So I retreated to the kitchen, albeit with the small, noisy folk in tow, to make bread. I am unsure of the reasoning but the feeling and act are so right. When a little blue, bread making is so soothing. Does it tap into an age old process that speaks to our primal selves? Does it make us feel like we are caring for others and so by extension, ourselves? Or is it simply that it allows us to, just for little while, zone out? (or is it the lull of the perfect food, bread warm from the oven?  Could there be anything more nuturing?)

The house is still messy but it smells lovely; the small folk still unbelievable noisy (is it hypersensitivity on my part?) but they have had a nice time making truck rolls; my friends and mum are still far away but they were all thought of today! There are warm bread rolls, ready for a burger dinner and soon it will be the off duty hours!

I miss you x

P.S. My lovely friend Devon, tells me that a pan of water in the oven while you cook bread makes for wonderful bread!


meplusmolly said...

Awwww you!
Big fat hugs your way lady..... I know that doesn't make up for missing your 'proper' friends and your mum....but the thoughts there!
Yep the act of making something simple and nurturing is a good one to heal the soul somewhat, that and zoning out quietly! ;0 X

seaside grannie said...

can smell that bread, can hear those little ones, what will Mr. B make a 'butty' of with those rolls?
We are all only a thought away, keep blogging.

LissyLou said...

awww it's that time of the week isn't it???

Great tip for bread!


Devon said...

yumyum bread! did the water trick work for you? I'm missing you too! totally relate to the messy house, i went on a massive cleaning spree yesterday. like cleaning the walls, washing machine and oven(nesting much?)lol. and im exhausted today but am in the process of baking raspberry muffin. quick and easy and kitchen satisfaction! something soothing about baking and being in the kitchen, primordial or something like a cave women over her fire. anyway hope the bubs conk out early and you have a relax evening with a lovely glass of wine! love ya xxx

Menopausal musing said...

Ah, yes,Mrs B, that old chestnut: the miserable bank balance...... bake bread and you will be rich...... (and I know that you know what I mean). x

That Crafty Fish! said...

OH... i had a similar thing. I made Jam and Elderflower Cordial.
I made and ate lots of biscotti too that sooo makes me think of you x

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