Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Summer Kitchen Bliss x

(I have no idea why my post is underlined, but hey, take it to mean that everything I say is enthusiastic!)

'Summer time,
And the living is easy,
Fish are jumping and the cotton is high....'

The kitchen is just glorious in the summer. The veg bowl is brimming over with fat, colourful veggies;

just ready to be doused in olive oil, sprinkled with sweet balsamic vinegar and slung into a hot oven.
Eaten simply and happily with soft bread, to mop up left over juices, or in MrB's case, to make a sandwich out of (?? I don't know why either)

In the fridge; greek yoghurt, watermelon and halloumi cheese! Everytime I open the door I think of balmy breezes, pine air and warm 7Up (I spent three years of my childhood in Cyprus and just the smell of a newly split watermelon takes me straight back). The Mini B's adore it, perfect weaning food!

Fresh, line dried towels, in candy stripes!

Basking in sunshine, reading recipe books and planning a summer menu for much-looked forward-to-friends visiting, is my favourite past time.

Add clementine iced tea and you have a very content lady.

Impromptu picnics in the park...

Before returning home, to the coolness of the house, for lemon and dark chocolate icecream!

Happiness is:
the aqua smell of watermelon;
a summer dress, flipflops, red nail polish;
sunscreen, heat sticky toddler cuddles;
picnics of baker fresh bread and thick sliced ham;
soft air, slow living.

Summer time!

Clementine Iced Tea

Freshly boil water, wait for five minutes to allow to cool slightly (or you too will crack your wedding list jug!!). Pour water over your usual teabags (although it would be lovely over fruit fusions, or mint tea?!) I added three teabags to a litre jug of water. You don't want them to steep too long or you will have a slightly bitter tea (tip: adding a pinch of bicarbonate of soda will take out any bitterness). Do not squeeze tea bags as this also adds bitterness. Add three tablespoons of caster sugar. Now the fun, add your flavouring! I used the juice from three clementines. It is summery sweet, the perfect afternoon pick me up! Serve over lots of ice, in a pretty glass!



Bobo Bun said...

Sounds like life is calming down at your end now and the nasty marking has gone away for a while.

A lovely dreamy and making me hungry post. I chose to go to knitting evening rather than stay at home and eat. Now your post has made my tummy rumble.

LissyLou said...

mmmmm, what a yummy post!

Menopausal musing said...

As I was reading your post I was wondering how clementine tea was made.... it sounds wonderfully refreshing, so I think I might just be picking up some clementines. A lovely, lovely post. Thank you. x

Rhiannon said...

How delicious and lovely a post :D
I was thinking about making ice tea only the other day but didn't have a recipe for it, so the thought of clementine ice tea makes me very very happy indeed!

Please can I come for a picnic in the park? I can bring my own rug and some cake...

ps. lemon and chocolate ice cream? inspired.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

What a lovely post.

A few of my posts were underlined for a while, I have no idea why but it went away as quickly as it arrived.

meplusmolly said...

*sigh* another positively gorgeous post from 'a day in the life of Mrs B'!!!
all that gloriously colorful tasty food has sent me running to see what is in our kitchen cupboards! ;0 x

Devon said...

YUM AND SO PRETTY!!!! i make icetea all the time and have never thought to do clemetine. going to have to try that now. and the icecream sounds divine. got an icecream maker 2 summers ago and it's the best. nigella's forever summer has some really good recipes in it for icecream. i'm now dreaming of english summer days. hope the weather holds while we are there! see you so very soon. love Devonia x x x

Mrs B said...

You are all so lovely! Come over lets have a blog land tea party in the park! xxxx

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